Monday, August 13, 2007

Kinda Sprung now.

OK I just found the blog of the author of Boy Culture (a really fantastic film I just recently watched) and I think I love him.

OK...I want Matthew Rettenmund to be my new gay boyfriend. Right now.

If you are averse to very gay men and some photos of hot mostly nekkid men skip that link.

I want the book. But not the movie tie in version this one.

I miss having a gay boyfriend like you people don't even know.

Who else but a gay man can I say, "You look homolicious now let's go" or yell, "NO PRINCESS BITCH we are NOT PLAYING WITH DRUNK TWINKS"

Come on now.

Of course I can say these things to One Hung Low but it's just not the same.

And who else can I possibly use to maybe pick up on mostly gay boys too? Or smooch on them? Who else would take me into the leather club then leave me to play with random Leather Boys and their Daddy?

Le sigh.

I'm going to pout now.

Which reminds me I have to tell you folks about the GAYEST thing ever.

So I took my then Gay Boyfriend whom we'll call PrincessHotness to the Lusty Lady. I took him because a.)it was on the way to the club we were going to and b.) he'd never really seen pussy up close. So adventure time.

So we go and get like 40$ worth of quarters and went into a booth but were told we had to have our own booths. So he gave me quarters and went next door. The girl that was dancing for him was this adorable little blond with the cutest ever little boobies wearing nothing but red cowboy boots and a matching hat. The girl that was dancing for me hot too. Red haired with very long legs and equally cute boobies. So I'm giggling and flirting with my dancer when I hear PrincessHotness scream (he seriously screamed it was SO gay)


My dancer and his dancer at that point realize we're not a couple that he's gay and start laughing. I start laughing. PrincessHotness runs into my booth, dumps all his quarters in my lap and proclaims that he has to go look at cock right now. They have video booths too.

So I spent all my money then went to retrieve my homo and the girl who'd been dancing for me via lots of sign language indicated to wait outside for her so she could came outside to have a smoke with us. I wound up going on a few dates with her. It was SUPER gay.

That was So. Gay.

This is the same man whom I used to pick out his porn because I have exquisite taste in the gay porn. Not ONE of the DVD's I picked out for him was a bad one. I also got him his first toy. Which he put a hurting on.

Just so you all get it I am less faghag than I am honorary fag. Or actual fag depending on who you are speaking to.

And now I'm spent because I'm about to participate in a study for the Kinsey Institute.

Homo Out.


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BF423 said...

Okay, you're gonna need to go ahead and be my new best friend when I move there. I love me some gay men. How will we find them and make them be our gay husbands? What will our course of action be?

Listen, save some gay boys for me, okay?

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