Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh how you annoy me.

Ok first of all I did not make it to the company bbq due to male slowness and the lateness of the day. I am a little (yes a lot) annoyed about that.

However I am wearing some new make up from Fyrinnae. And as usual ZOMG this shit is the fucking Hot. Sex.

I am wearing a purple shade called Predatory and it is the purple of my dreams. Rich and bright and gorgeous. I used it all over my lower lids with a touch of MAC's French Violet and it is very lovely.

And I must say as far as color payoff and quality Fyrinnae is right up there with MAC in my opinion.

Now onto something I find questionable at best.

Yet again I have been cruising the interwebs and found yet another appalling thing.

I thrift via auctions on the net quite a bit and I keep seeing sizes like 8-10/11-13 being promoted as plus sizes. When the hell did that happen?

Are these people serious?

What the hell is going on here?

Did some memo go out to non fat people at some point that entitles some of them to calling anything over a size 7 a plus size? Um no.

Then I start looking at the size charts of some of the listed manufacturers and found more fuckery in the sizing department. It astounds me that someone who is say a size 8 might have to squeeze it into an XL because some jackass clothing company thinks that's a big size.

Does that make sense?

I just don't understand it.

Why would you do that? Do the people who decide these things just not give a shit about the emotional well being of their customers? Probably not. As long as they get the cash.

This is why all those Dove Adverts do not really impress me in any huge way. For one thing if you look at their "real" women, granted they got some varying skin tones in there and slightly varying body types but really look at those women. I don't see nary a stretchmark, cesarean scar, stubble, cellulite, mussed hair etc. I really don't trust the whole "real" woman thing.

Mainly because it subtly gives the impression that if you don't fit into one of these "real" women boxes you're somehow less than.

I never use that real women have curves bullshit. Same reason.

Also the Dove Campaign bothers me too because aren't they guilty of the sins they are apparently outing?

Can they say their ads with long firm thighs aren't at all airbrushed? Or that the model doesn't have a shitload of body make up on that thigh? Or that the lights aren't just so?

No I doubt they can claim any of that.

I have this same issue when magazines do their "real woman" spreads.

What makes it a tragedy to me is how so many women look to these things for validation.

Please, ladies these fuckers are bullshitting you like a mother fucker.

You're already real. They can fuck off.


Anyway back to make up before I start frothing at the mouth.

I've discovered that I'm actually better with sponge applicators than I am with brushes and I find that disturbing. However, I have some color combos I am excited to try out.

I also cannot wait for cooler weather so I can wear full coverage foundation again. Yes I know it's sad but I LOVE my skin to look flawless and summer+humidity+my super oily skin=ick.

I have yet to find the matte product that my skin cannot defeat.

So I stick with a liberal application of loose powder and my skin looks OK but not flawless. I have given up the idea of having actual flawless skin. It just ain't gonna happen but I can look flawless. And that I dig.

OB before I forget I started a hair journal on LJ. It's called Fluffy_lvr (read that as Fluffy Lover). You can read all about my hair care related misadventures and if you're curious about black hair care BAM I talk about that. Since you know, I'm black and all.

I'm still not sure how to actually get the feed if there is one but I will find out if anyone is interested. I might try it via feedburner.


Ok I am going to deep condition and wrap my hair then watch a movie and nibble on cold Chinese food.

Homo Out.

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