Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On my Non Participation.

Ok via Kate Harding I found this tidbit on Jezebel.

My first reaction to this story is of course a round "what the BLUE fuck is going on here?" Are you fucking serious?

What the BLUE FUCK is wrong with people?

Ok for the record I don't wear my hair natural and haven't in about 7 years now. I did for awhile, realized I wasn't into it and changed it. My reasoning was not at all political rather that I take better care of my hair when it's straighter. And because I was heartbroken that because of the five different textures of hair on my head I could not wear a proper little afro.

I am more than over hair being turned into a political statement. Done. If it were say thirty years ago or even being charitable fifteen years ago i might buy it but seriously. Just no.

I think the below documentary should be required watching for people who don't get the whole diversity and beauty that is black women:

Further more if you hear people saying things like that, call them the racist that they are. And remind them that White centric beauty is a fucked up idea. Please.

When I was younger early-mid teens I seriously struggled with accepting that my blackness was in fact beautiful. It wasn't really because of a lack of role models. It was more the fact that I often heard the despised phrase, "For a black girl". That phrase haunted me for years. About everything from my body, to my voice, my hair, my beauty.

It hurt me because at the time I didn't have the language to tell people that was a fucked up thing to say. That my blackness does not define me in the terms they thought it did. I hated getting the sidelong looks when someone in the crowd said something sideways but at that age I had no idea how to combat it.

Now, yeah now I will not have it. There is no reason to preface or end any comment to me that even approaches sounding like, "for a black girl" I don't want to fucking hear it.

I have a migraine so I'll leave you with another video.

Also can I just say that I really hate dentistry in general. And why is it so fucking expensive anyway?

Homo Out.
Back then I didn't need to hear that Black is beautiful, what I needed was to see the scope and array of beauty beyond models.


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