Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things that crack me up.

As cranky as I generally am there are certain things that never ever fail to leave me gasping for breath laughing.

One of them is chubby happy babies. I was on the bus on my way to work and a woman with this adorable chubby cheeked, dimpled baby boy sat next to me and oh, my, LORD. Not only did he look like a doll with big dark eyes and these amazingly long eyelashes he was very happy, and decided to spend most of the time they were on the bus flirting with me.

He batted his eyelashes, smiled a big gummy maybe two tooth smile, babbled, pointed, drooled and all round was very very charming. His Mom was adorable too and kept blushing but I told her I didn't mind talking to her baby and that I think he's beautiful.

I will also spend hours on youtube watching baby laugh videos. There is one that I swear every time I watch it I about piss myself laughing.

Given that I have the love for the wee and portly, the crawling drooling poop machines known as human babies I actually have no desire to have one of my own. I love kids but plan on having none. I'll borrow other peoples when I get the jones for baby cuddles and milk breath.

Ok off of the subject of crawling drooling ankle chewing creatures and onto one of my favorite subjects, clothes.

If you've been reading for awhile you'll know that Torrid and I have a rocky relationship. That bitch is mean to me sometimes. I say bad things about her, she taunts me. It's a vicious cycle.

However, we had a beautiful and romantic moment in the form of a gigantic sale.

I bought....wait for it.....pants.

I know I know I had that whole moratorium on wearing pants but I found the secret to pants from Torrid. I need anything low rise. The regular rise comes up under my fucking tits.

I got myself a pair of dark wash boot cut low rise jeans, one pair black trousers, one pair black denim pin stripe capri pants (i cannot believe I actually like those), and two cami tops. For 45 dollars which is, unheard of. And I am excited.

However I am not in love with the fall line. Into the Woods I am from Seattle people, I coudl live and not see anymore fucking flannelish plaid. I don't hate plaid but really, come on now.

I do love some of the individual pieces from this line. I"m loving the richness of the brown stuff. I might have to get me some of that. Cause, chocolate on chocolate is sexy.

Granted take my opinion about these things with a grain of salt since I am still one with the goth side of the force.

Which leads me to my absolute amusement that people have been using some of my pieces on PolyVore. How cool is that? I find it very cool.

What else?

OH I've been experimenting with some new make up lately. I am starting to grow some love for Avon products. I've been using their Avon Transforming liquid. It's a similar product to Urban Decay's Eyeshadow transforming potion. Basically both products can turn any powder shadow into a liquid liner. The Avon is totally about 12 dollars cheaper and works wonderfully.

I am really enjoying using it and am looking forward to November/December when I am going to go on a cosmetics rampage. Actually I probably won't do that. I'll most likely continue my uber bargain hunting and occasional orders to Fyrinnae.

I also need to stock up on brushes which I'll probably get from ELF cosmetics (I am an affiliate for them if you shop there pretty please click the link down there) I like their brushes and the price is great. They have lasted me a lot longer than I thought they would.

And now confession time. I really really am over the summer already. I want my fucking foundation back. Why? Because I'm vain and I like looking all hot and brown and velvety not hot and brown and greasy spotty.

i am ready for boot wearing cool weather and make up that hasn't sweated off by the time I get to work.

I think that's all I am a tired cranky little fucker.

Homo Out.


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bf423 said...

And what about the fact that some fatties get such shit at the doctor that they try not to even go.

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