Thursday, September 13, 2007

Holy Crap.

So first of all before I start frothing about the first time I've ever enjoyed a majority of the new line from Torrid I want to talk about something I saw Zuzu say.

"Call me crazy, call me a Republican ex-gay anti-feminist trying-to-pass-for-white-South-African, but I think a social-justice movement has better things to do than root out Impure Thoughts. And I think it has a lot better things to do than to deny its members agency."

That is very much how I feel about almost any movement I may or may not get involved with. Like a few other people I seriously take issue with the stance that no one can do something, because that's just how it is. It chaps my round and perky arse.

Yes, I said round and perky. My black trousers from Torrid make the booty look damn good.


Did I not earlier this summer (don't ask when I can't recall( talk about my want of trousers and other boy style clothes? What did I find in my email today from Torrid? Trousers and boy style clothes. I am going to have to srsly save up because there are a buttload of new pieces I want.

My torrid wishlist is about to blow up people. Srsly.

Also can we talk about the gorgeous big burly butch I saw earlier today? If you're new here let me tellz you internetz, I have got a big weakness for a big gentlemanly butch. And this one lit my smoke while I was juggling my purse and other crap looking for my lighter. Then winked at me and sauntered away. If I were wearing panties they would've melted clean off.

What else?

Actually not much my day has just gotten a hell of a lot stranger.

Homo Out.


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zuzu said...

If I could refine my comment, I'd say that a social-justice movement has a lot better things to do than deny the people it claims to speak for agency.

Also, I've yet to get to a Torrid store. We don't have them in NYC, except in Staten Island, and I've got no idea how I'd get out there. Of course, we only got a Lane Bryant in Manhattan a few years ago, so.

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