Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm still sick. I actually didn't come to work yesterday and I am leaving in an hour or so today.

But in fabulous news it was Uniballer and my anniversary this past weekend and he got me...wait for it...wait for it...A MOTHERFUCKING digital camera.

So that means I will be subjecting you people to photos of make up, random shit on the sidewalk, probably my boobs. Outfits and whatever else I see fit to point the lens at.



I fucking hate being sick. And I've discovered that Theraflu gives me the loose guts. Not really a perk.

Since there has been no Halloween celebration this year due to illness I have a bunch of crap sitting in a pile waiting to be DIY'd. I have lots of projects to tackle actually. Aside from making a duct tape dummy (that will be fucking STACKED yo, D Cups of DOOM in the HIZOUSE...I'm drugged I'm allowed), I have a cheongasm dress to turn into backless hotness to accommodate said D Cups of Doom.

I also have an old Lip Service Fetish line mini skirt that I think I'm going to turn into a tulle bearing half pleather half plaid with floofy stuff on the butt skirt. Also I have tights that are too small in the thigh area (because I have the big hams) that I will probably turn into either uber goth sleeves or attach to a tshirt I'm planning on revamping.

So yeah.

I also seriously just jizzed in my pants a little. Ok a lot. We all know Shannon is quite the boot whore. I need a tshirt that says will turn tricks for good boots.

I just saw these at Shoe Pavillion for 90 motherfucking dollars. I have been lusting after them since they came out. ZOMFG.

And the blurb:

This 20-eye steel-toe boot has soft weathered leather, trademark Dr. Martens heel loop, 15" shaft height, and full inside zipper for easy on/off. The laser cut skull and rose tattoo design makes this edgy boot more feminine, and the world famous air cushioned sole creates comfort.

Granted I already have some Burgundy Docs the same height and whatnot but they are lacking skulls and roses.

To tell you how much of a boot whore I am I actually got a little dizzy I was so excited.

And why is it that I really am very into a lot of the goth clothes out of the UK?

I think I need to make a pen pal across the pond thar so I can freaking shop.

However if I get back up to speed with the sewing then I can make my own floofy goth clothes.

Wow staying at all alert is just difficult. I think I'm spent. I do want to share that I am wearing FABULOUS Bpal but, I cannot recall what I'm wearing. It's not Saturnalia it might be I want to say it's Santa Muerte. Yes, on fortieth sniff I believe it is.

For those who are all into the BPAL I HIGHLY suggest joining some of the BPAL communities on livejournal. I am in two and have a box full of Imps that are as yet unsniffed. It's a great way for us po' folks to get smell goods too.

Also this week I am going to make a post about more handmade goodies. Perfumes make up and such.

I will be back tomorrow.


Homo Out.



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