Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bodily Unrest.

I am actually sicker this week than I was last week. Lots sicker and I am really bummed out.

The turning point was spending all day Sunday running all the errands I'd been too tired to try. And since we don't have a car that involved a lot of standing around in the cold/wind and here I am.

That aside I managed to make it to Target for tights, socks, underpants, blush, um...few other bits.

I really love the Target brand 1X tights. I wore them yesterday and they are very soft and had no issues with crotch sag, ham pinch, no ankle bagging they get an A+. The only drawback is that they don't stock fun colors at my Target.

I also got some cute Hanes booty shorts panties and their XL fits far better than the Target brand XL. They have not gone up my butt all day.

Ugh I feel like poop people. And honestly it makes me really not happy with my body.


Oh just in case if anyone happens to run across or know publications open to Tgirl lesbian porn (the written kind) lemme know. I'm slowly getting back into writing smut and I'm way behind on markets. Note to self: go back to erotica readers dumb ass.

I also need to start reading the gay smut again. I have a couple of bits to finish that I might send off to the fabulous guys at Velvet Mafia. Link clearly not worksafe or butt sex phobic safe. They have published me before and I got some really excellent feedback and some fanmail.



Do. Not. Fucking. Want.

I am spent homo out.


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