Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stripper ass.

In case you haven't been reading me since back in the days of Diary-X (which is most of you) I used to be a pretty smutty blogger. Not as much anymore and that is probably going to change. Fair warning.

In reference to the title I want to talk about how much I miss stripping. Yes, your hostess used to do the naked dancing for monies. And I loved it.

When I started out I realized very quickly that I had several things going against me. I was not (and am still not) thin, white, tall and I didn't really fit the stereotype black girl image that a lot of people want to see whether they admit it or not. However, I wasn't entirely at a disadvantage I learned very quickly that black girl who dances to (almost exclusively) rock, metal etc while wearing shiny black=$$.

I will not sit here and give you some long feminist diatribe. I took the job because a friend of mine worked at the club and didn't want to work with a bunch of chicks she didn't know, I LOVE to dance, let me repeat LOVE to dance, got paid money (that part rarely ceased to amuse me) to wear costumes, wear crazy make up and be naked.


Granted it wasn't all booty shaking and roses. There were times I got my feelings hurt, I was never assaulted, groped or grievously offended. Actually most of the guys I danced for were actually fairly nice. Which is the exception rather than the rule of course. I had a good time. I had more issues with the other dancers than I did with the customers.

What I really miss though is how amazingly strong my body was at the time. I wasn't thin really. I was what is often referred to as "thick" a term I kind of hate but it was pretty accurate at the time. While I was dancing I became solid under a layer of tasty chub and the best part for me was feeling and knowing I was fucking buff.

I miss being super strong like that. You have to be strong to work the pole and I worked it.

The thing is though I am just not that young anymore. Much as I may want to flip myself upside down while shimmying up a pole it's just not practical.

So instead I will enjoy the sexy in my own skin and occasionally pine for that pert round stripper booty I used to have.

And hot DAMN I just won two super fantastic ebay auctions. I won a Smashbox eyeliner brush. I got the cream eyeliner brush#9. I got that bad motherfucker for more than 50% off of retail including shipping. I also picked up Smashbox's Layer Lash primer for a little more than 50% off retail too.

I've heard amazing things about both and I have been in serious need of a good brush to use with my cream eyeliners. So hot damn.

And that layer lash. I am a mascara whore and love primer. I have been using the Maybelline XXL primer with some Benefit BadGal mascara but I am ready to try something new.

Speaking of I hennaed my hair this weekend and that was lovely. Feel free to read about my hair experiments over on the LJ. You can find that here. I will be posting tomorrow most likely some recipes for all natural home made hair treatments. Some of them good for all sorts of hair not just black girl hair.

So my weekend has been mostly about pampering myself and doing some lovin type stuff to it and that makes me feel nice.

Now if I could berid my head of snot everything would be fabulous.

Now I am off to peruse the intertubes for more deals and consider having some beer.

Homo Out.


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