Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fat musings, end of year musing and etc.

I'm at work and getting my arse kicked at canasta on Pogo and I have musings.

Musing number one involves the whole Weight Watchers thing. I get why people are offended by WW "co opting" Fat acceptance parlance. I do. However I also get that some people do in fact need something like WW.

I know I know diets don't work, diets are anti fat yadda yadda. However I'm looking at it from a disordered point of view.

People who've had disordered eating and varying types of eating disorders don't know how to eat properly. Some people need something structured like that.

As far as the whole issue of the much loathed word diet and the constant barrage of DIETS DON'T WORK THEY DON'T WORK DON'T WORK I'm really over it. Honestly.

Yes I've read a lot of the linked articles studies and whatnot and it's not the fact that by and large diets don't work that bothers me, what bothers me is the hammering the DON'T part into people.

I don't like the idea that if you are fat and may want to be less so for whatever reason you run the rusk of being labeled a traitor. I really hate the idea that the minute someone says they are losing weight people stop listening. Or at least I get that impression.

Situational differences, differences in health etc shouldn't have to be the thing that makes it sorta ok but not really. If we can't listen to each other when someone is saying something unpopular or marked at not walk the line fat positive how is anyone else going to listen to any of us?

Sometimes I wonder if some empathy is missing. I think, no I believe there are lots of good not self hating reasons someone may want to lose weight. Should I make a list?

Say you're poor. You're poor and find that your clothes, the things you say need to wear to work are not fitting anymore. They are too small. You don't particularly hate your body, or hate being fat but you decide to lose a few pounds so your clothes fit because you'd rather say, pay your rent or buy food than have to buy new clothes. Does that make it okay?

What if you've got problem joints. And because of the pain in your joints your activity levels have dropped off and you've gained some weight. A lot of weight maybe and you're in a lot of pain. You don't hate being fat, you don't hate fat people, you hate being in pain. Maybe you know that 20 pounds might make your life a little easier. Do you get branded with that disappointment so many people express when someone fat decides to lose some weight? Is it right to have that dropped on your head? I don't think so.

This all goes back to my personal issue with the idea that you must toe the party line or screw you. Or worse not screw you but hey let me rescue you from your own horrid ignorance type thing. I really don't like that at all.

It's not really just Fat Activism but activism in general. I get very tired of hearing the party line and watching it bulldoze anything else someone might want to say. A huge part of my personality revolves around really listening and wanting to find out why someone does or says something.

I suppose I have yet to find my niche when it comes to activism and figuring out what role I want to play in changing things. I am not educated. I am not an aspiring journalist or gaining fame blogger. Yes I'm changing subjects a little keep up.

Since I started blogging regularly online some 5-6 years ago now back at Diary-x. I recall I never thought anyone would read it. These years later I still don't think about who reads it other than checking my stats for hilarious random google searches.

These days mostly as I'm ranting away I tend to think, I hope someone reading that gets it. I've discovered that the little tingly bit of me that had the idea for about ten minutes to want to be Teh Supa Blogger tm has piped down. I like my little sandbox just the way it is.

What else?

OH recently I had my first run in with a pair of boots that don't fit my calves. I walk a lot, and walk a lot of stairs and my calves are fine and big and muscled now. A few weeks ago I bought these fantastic Demonia boots:

Hotness. The foot/ankle area fits really well but my calf not so much. So Uniballer and I are going to DIY them to make them fit. Since I now have a digital camera we'll take pictures of the process.

I got a bit of a Christmas bonus this year so I bought these too.

On sale for less than 60$ shipped which is fantastic. The thing about goth boots to remember is that Unisex sized boots tend to be way more generous in the calf beceause typically men have bigger calves. However, this also means that the ankle part can be a bit wide. My solution for that is crew socks folded over to keep your ankles from getting irritated.

Stompy boots YAY.

Also fashion related my office holiday party was last Friday and I looked fucking hot. No pictures as of yet but they are coming Uniballer took a shitload of them.

I'm really looking forward to warmer weather right now. I don't have a car so my wardrobe in the winter is all about a.)keeping warm and b.)keeping relatively dry. So my cute factor has been suffering a little and I do not want.

In other news I just read a post at Feministing featuring the cutest baby on teh interwebs right now. Cute post, adorable baby and this is why I need to make myself not read comments. Why the fuck pick on the fact that the kid has an ice cream cone? What the fuck? It's only one comment but still. I don't have an account there so I can't comment but COME on man, why would you begrudge a kid a treat? How does she know if that's not just something the kid gets occasionally? Maybe the kid is teething and cranky and some chocolate covered ice cream made her/him better?


That is a cunty thing to say.

Homo Out.


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