Monday, December 03, 2007

Quality time.

I spent some very quality time with myself over the weekend. Most of it consisted of detangling my hair then relaxing it, then using henna on it.

I found the whole thing very very soothing.

I am really enjoying getting back into what can loosely be called kitchen witchery.

Next weekend I am making some herbal infusions and a possible decoction but I haven't decided on the latter yet.

I'm also trying very hard to take better care of myself. I've adjusted the supplements I take and that seems to be helping.

A word about vitamins. I take a buttload of vitamins mainly because my diet is very erratic and I don't want to be malnourished because I've got a taste for tasty instant soups (the ones made by Thai Kitchen are the bomb diggity) for a whole week.

I also don't eat breakfast and all things considered don't eat near regularly or enough. I'm working on that.

I am really excited about this next weekend. No, I'm not going to go out and party with Leather Daddy's. I am going to make myself some Amla infused oil. Some shikakai infused oil for cleansing my hair AND most exciting I am going to try a recipe I just thought of for my face.


You all have no idea how much I love this sort of thing. I had no idea how much I missed mixing up my little self care concoctions until I started doing them again. I also need to start studying up on herbs and things again since the knowledge I had has mostly flown from my poor brain.

I also need to get myself a little binder for my recipes and whatnot.

Now if I had room and the ability to garden and grow my own herbs I would be in absolute heaven. However, I have what's commonly known as a black thumb. Plants hate me. I coo at them and play them Beethoven they wilt and die. I very nearly killed my Mom's garden while watering it. How? NO idea.

I have never in my life had a plant that lasted. I have killed more cacti than I should admit to. To plants, I am THE DESTROYER.

So that means I have to buy my herbs. Which is ok. I know gardening is not a gift I possesses and I am finally fine with that.

What else?

Can I talk about bellydance here for a minute?

I am still getting such a slow start because of my crappy joints and back but I have hope. I just have to take it slow.

And in conclusion I still LOVE Asharah. I wanna dance like this when I grows up.

And now homo out I have writing to do.

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