Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sad Beasty.

So I found a fantastic blog (that I am reading the archives for right now) and she doesn't update anymore.

Bla (c) Kademic I am really sad she's not updating anymore.

Really sad.

If you read nothing else go read this entry and watch the clip of Nikki Giovanni. I would lay at Nikki Giovanni's feet if I thought I could glean some knowledge through her toes. Seriously.

Reading about some of the shit that people said to Ms. Nubian it makes me pretty thankful that my sandbox is pretty small here and truthfully hardly anybody reads it. That's pretty okay with me. Most of the people who wind up here get here from random google searches (which cracks me the hell up) so I don't get a lot of targeted harassment.

Since DX died I don't get a quarter of the random weird comments/emails. And insanely I've never gotten the racist card pulled on me. Homophobes? Check. "Concerned" religious folk? Check. Random weirdos who ask to see my boobs, "prove" myself to them in some weird way, other weird sexual requests. Check.

But not so much of that anymore.

All this of course leaves me feeling more than happy to say whatever the fuck I want.

A fantastic feeling.

So I've decided that I am not going to read comments in any of the blogs I read anymore for the most part. Mainly because I find myself saying a lot of the time, are you shitting me?

Or um, wot? WHUT?

So I am stopping. It's not worth the annoyance and whatnot.

Also I think I need to change my blog list that I read around a bit. I find myself doing a little too much eye rolling. I don't want to read things that only annoy me or make me want to know, who cut off your sense of humor?

Enough of that.

I am trying to work on a project for work and honestly my brain fu must be broken. Also my photoshop skills. Good LORD. Ever just want to remove your brain, dunk it in hot water and see if that helps dislodge the sludge in it?

While I'm talking about brain sludge ever have one of those moments where you look at another human being and just sort of blink? Ever had someone else's stupidity make you go um..wait you...uh...WHAT?

The other day while I was waiting for the bus I listened to this apparently serious conversation between two people. Their main thrust was how intolerable riding the bus is because "they" are on it. When the bus pulled up I discovered that the "they" these two geniuses were probably talking about were you know. average people.

They did that thing that if you use public transportation I know you've seen. The purse clutch, slight nose wrinkle then the wide eyed looking around in horror because they might have to sit in a seat with someone not wearing expensive clothes. I just shook my head.

Some people really should just buy a fucking car.

OH before I forget I don't know if I mentioned that I was having a hell of a time finding some shoes to go with my fabulous party dress for the office Christmas party. Sunday Uniballer and I went to Target and I found shoes.

I was really torn between some fantastic snakeskin print high heeled boots from Payless and some adorable round toed bow having wedges from Target. The wedges won out mainly because I know I'll wear them again. I'm still a little torn between fishnets and some other kind of fabulous hosiery.

So far the outfit looks like this:

The earrings and the hosiery may change I have yet to make up my mind.

As for hair and make up I just learned how to flat iron my hair so I might go with a lovely little chignon and a swoop of bangs that are pinned so they don't quite get too much in my face. Make up, I'm thinking very dramatic big smokey eyes and some sexy super glossy nude/pinkish lips.

I am very in love with the Mac lipglass Bare Fetish. Alone it's really lovely but paired with my Avon lipstain in Bitten it is fabulous. My only gripe is that lipglasses are so freaking thick. Thick and sticky and I don't like that so much.

My trick for super wet vinyl shine and wearability without weird sticky mouth is to put a little layer of this super cheap clear lipgloss I got from Walgreens.

I think I am about spent. I have soup to eat and tea to make.

Goodnight folks.

Oooh wait before I go let me pimp my hair journal real quick like. If you were ever curious about how this black woman (who started out not knowing what to do) goes about learning to care for her hair read it. I also do some product reviews, post recipes for DIY hair treatments that can be good for anybody. I'm the Fluffy Lover.

Fluffy homo Out.

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