Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stomping my way to the um..where I am.

I think I've fallen off of the Fatosphere feed again. That's ok. I don't really feel like my blog fits in for the most part.

In other news is it weird I get a little bit of glee because I am now an official regular at my favorite coffee shop? They know I always get a 16 oz Americano and often indulge in a slice of baklava or some other wee tasty treat. It does make my day a little better.

I was lazy last week and not eating enough, which caused me to be off of my vitamins and I started again on Sunday and goddamn what a difference it makes. For every time I've had a doctor tell me I'm wasting my money I just think about those weeks I've not been on them and been feeling like fried ass. I'm not back to my absolute regular schedule but I feel better.

Now for the random.

Links of the day:

The president of Guyana >shaking some booty. I love stuff like that. Every country should have high ranking officials who shake it. Why? Because I think people take everything way too seriously and it's nice to see someone in an important position show they are human and like to have a good time too. I find it repugnant that so many people expect politicians etc to be inhuman or to only show a little humanity sometimes like shedding a tear on CNN occasionally. Screw that.

OH one of the ladies from LCHF started herself a fabulous new lifestyle blog. Go check out The Savvy Sistah right now. No seriously go and I'll wait.

A word about LCHF right now. For those who don't know (which is most of you) it is a website for women of color to come and share knowledge about haircare and other things. It is the first 99% woman community I have been in that I really do feel actually comfortable. Granted you won't see me running around spouting the gay but, in most respects I am pretty comfortable. I've also learned so much, and that is very important to me because I really just did not know anything about taking care of my hair. I was fairly certain before joining there that I would be a crew cut/fade wearing lady for life.

Hrm OH I discovered the NWBellydance blog and I am so happy about finding that. Wow. Now if I can grow some fucking ovaries and take my barely knows how to shimmy ass to some of the events. Truth be told I'm nervous because I'm really not very good yet and I don't have any real bellydance gear. There are several reasons for that including the style of pants I like (think yoga pants with a lower waist and slightly bigger leg) are really fucking expensive. And they are really fucking expensive.

Honestly I have seen some very nice stretchy pants of this style and people want like 60-70$ a pair for them. Granted I appreciate hand made things. But I have made that kind of pant before and it is not that difficult and fabric unless you are using some super fancy fantastic ass loving velvet or something does not cost that much. I'm all for making a profit but goddamn man, don't these people know some of us are fucking not rich?

OH come on people I want more friends on GoodReads.com Join me in my rampant nerdery. Check this here out.

my Goodreads shelves

I might try to jam a quilt widget thing in my sidebar but probably not. But COME ON man. It's fun.

Holy CRAP Nick Ashford (from Ashford and Simpson...don't front you know you remember them) is 65? Damn I had no idea. I love the song linked above.

What else?

Fuck the FCC again. Fuck them right in the fucking goat ass.

Also let me just say right now I am feeling like Ms Margaret Cho is sex on motherfucking wheels. She's got new photos up that I am in love with. I still really want some Assmaster panties.

Speaking of sex on wheels The (NSFW clearly. ) Red Sneaker Diaries make me squirmy in the pants. Via her journal I found Everyday Nakedness which is a collection of macro nude photos that I really like. That's the sort of thing I can get behind. Behind enough to maybe show my actual nakedness.

For ages I've wanted to do arty farty nudes of myself. I'm not entirely certain at this point if I want this to be a public type thing but, I do know that it's something I need to do if only for myself.

Okay that's enough. I want to make some tea and work on some fiction to distract myself from things that are Pissing Me Right the fuck off.

Homo Out.

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