Thursday, December 06, 2007

Vox Humana

The Fatosphere is atwitter today over some remarks then follow up remarks from Dan Savage. Read what Rachel over at F-Words said. Frankly I'm a little surprised that anyone is surprised by anything anti-fat, fat hating, or woman disliking Dan said. The last round of this sort of thing I said I was over Dan Savage a long time ago and nothing he says (or has said) has changed that.

Are people who have read his columns for years at all surprised by his attitude? Come on now. It's nothing new.

I stopped reading most advice columns years ago. Generally the advice makes me cringe or wonder what the hell kind of Stepford bullshit people are really falling for anymore.

In other news a few clearance sales ago I picked up a cami from Torrid and it's very cute on the hanger but the fit is amazingly awful. The straps are insanely too long which causes the front to drop past mid boob. Either the size is mislabeled or it is really sized that horribly.

What is going on with Torrid these days?

My homie Cookie bought a swim top that is way way too short.

Um helloooo what the hell?

Also why the hell is it so damn hard to find a pair of plus sized black jeans? Especially from Torrid. I don't get it. You can get skin tight magenta fucking skinny jeans but not something as basic as plain bootcut mid/low rise black jeans.

I do not approve.

However I am still on the hunt and I might have to go to the damn Gap. I hate the Gap I really do but damn it I want a pair of boot cut black jeans.

Also I am not really thrilled that Torrid doesn't seem to realize that some people don't winter in LA. Why in the midst of cold weather season does so much of the stuff look flimsy or thin or sleeveless. I don't know what kind of fatties they know but I do not want to go outside in 40 degree weather with no sleeves.

Torrid you fail. We are on a break. Not breaking up but close. don't piss me off bitch or I'm dumping your ass.

So for winter gear I turned to Goodwill. I found some really great sweaters at Goodwill and that was exciting.

Also Seattle area fatties check out the clearance racks at the Westwood Target. Lots of plus sizes jammed in there once you get past the fug retro sweater/puffy vest things.

Gods but those things are fucking ugly. Like 1975 puked on itself after eating spinach and poo.

Now for Youtubery because I got the idea from Mrs Oro.

First up Melissa Etherige. This is an amazing older performance. I want to have her love children.

And um Tom Jones. My favorite Tom Jones song evar. Makes me wanna dance around nekkid.

And one that is not work safe but I lurve it anyway. A fabulous girl pole dancing. Love it.

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