Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 In the morning.

I'm not asleep I am sitting at my desk topless with conditioner in my hair after I did a henna treatment earlier.

I know I'm such a party girl.

I have devoted the weekend to making myself feel pretty. Next up eyebrows re getting waxed, my moustache is getting removed and I might even paint my toenails.

My skin has gone buck wild this last few weeks and I am over it. So I am stopping use of anything soap related and going to be cleansing with baking soda and moisturizing with aloe until it calms down.

OOh I also picked up a good little haul from Cherry Culture some very well priced eyeshadow, glitter liner, etc. I really love that site. They carry both low end (Nyx) and high end (Sugar cosmetics) nice layout easy to navigate. Tasty stuff.

I think I am going to pick up some Avon Mark Mattifier on Ebay as well. I really am in need of a good oil absorbing primer. Or I might try Milk of Magnesia. Actually I'll probably try that first.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect lipstain. The Avon Mark KissInk is close but not quite it. I'm leaning towards trying out the Liptini brand stain. I've seen good solid reviews and the colors look like what I'm looking for. It's pricy but if it does what I want it to, it's absolutely worth it.

That isn't to say I am not still in love with my lip glosses. I am a lip gloss addict certifiably. I LOVE them. I have more than anyone really needs and dig em.

The stains I'm looking at I want a base to wear with my more sheer shimmery glosses or some clear gloss for big vinyl wet shine lips. I think that is teh hawt. I'm not really into matte lips so much anymore unless it's a classic blue based red lip. Or a good dark brick red.

Okay that's enough. I'm going to go remove my moustache then get in bed and drink cocoa and eat tiramasu.

Don't say my life ain't luxurious when you know it is baby.

The above a bastardized version of a Katt Williams quote.

Homo Out.

Ah yes I will link up my hair journal later on probably. Goodnight party people.

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Regina said...

Hello there,
when you find that great oil absorbing foundation please let me know. That is one of my biggest problems! And what praytell do you do with the milk of magnesia?? what is that about and does it work?


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