Tuesday, January 15, 2008

All that glitters.

Oookay I'm talking make up today.

First of all (just for you Regina) let's discuss Milk of Magnesia and the state of my skin.

My skin is absolutely not digging this Winter and has (as I've mentioned previously) buck wild. My skin is oily like WHOA oily so I've been struggling. I have overhauled my skin care routine and it's now fabulously simple.

I use baking soda mixed with warm water to exfoliate and cleanse. I remove make up with those pre moistened towellette things. It's helping.

Now I have been on the hunt for about ten years for something that would control some of my shin, wouldn't show up chalky against my brown fabulousness, and didn't make my sensitive skin freak out. I have used all sorts of stuff to try and mattify my face to no avail.

My skin can defeat almost every matte product I've tried. So in my search I believe I ran across this tip on LCHF but I might be mistaken. I am test driving using a light layer of Milk of Magnesia (yes the stuff that makes you poop) and thus far I like. I shook the bottle and used my fingertips to apply a thin layer of liquid to my T zone and cheeks and eyelids. Not very much mind you just a little.

Initially I really liked that it did not turn chalky on drying and I noticed when I was putting my powder on it made application very smooth.

Now it is about four hours later and my skin is dewy but not shiny so far MOM gets an A++ from me.

Also I am test driving my M.A.C MSF. I got one like this. I got it from one of the Mac communities on LJ and it is so beautiful. I applied it as a bit of a highlight on my cheeks, the tip of my nose and chin. It's subtle and shimmery and gorgeous. I am officially in love.

I'm wearing very neutral shimmery make up today. I'm also test driving some of the stuff I got from Cherry Culture and as a vendor they get a HUGE A++.

I am wearing the Princessa Jumbo Eye Pencil in Copper Frost. With a simple black cat eye and lots of mascara. Light berryish lips.

I really like the color pay off of this creamy pencil. Unfortunately it's not quite as BLINGING metallic as I was searching for but it's still lovely. I really like it a lot. If I was more awake earlier I probably would've done a coppery lip as well but I dig the berry.

My lovely friend Sessa has put a bug in my ear about doing some make up tutorials and once I figure out how to get a decent make up picture (still have yet to master that) I will probably be doing that. This weekend I am going to try to do one because I have been feeling a very Ronnie Spector inspired bad girl look. If you don't get that think Amy Winehouse but less cracked out and way hotter.

And yes people I do love make up so much I save pictures of fabulous make up on my computer. I did the same thing as a kid I would cut out make up photos out of magazines and sit and try to replicate them. Starting around age 5 or so. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve me sitting in the bathroom for hours practicing lining my eyes and doing insane frosted eyeshadow then of course dressing up and having runway shows.

So yes. I do really seriously love it.

Also honestly I never follow make up trends. Because I don't give a shit what someone else likes really. I like what I like. Not that I follow trends in anything else for that matter.

Okay I think I'm about done. I've got a banging ass headache and need to make some coffee and eat something.

Later taters.

Homo Out.


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