Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Amused and yet not so much.

I check my stats (as in web stats) every few days or so and it amazes and amuses me how many people put in odd random porny searches and get me.

I assume that means I talk about boobs too much and drop the F Bomb way too often.

It also makes me giggle.

However there are lots of things that annoy me today. Including blurbs for Ricki Lake's documentary about birth "The Business Of Being Born."

Vogue-"Entertaining and at times chillingly informative."

One of those things I am really over is the fact that birth is now "gory" and "graphic" when shown in any realistic sort of manner.

Are you shitting me? Why is it that something every single one of us fuckers walking the face of the Earth has been through in either the pushing out, or squirming out kind of way still regarded as this horrifying terrible thing? People need to stop. Also (yes this is about to be offensive) if I hear ONE more person go on and on about their phobia around birth or see people squirm and ewwwwwwwwwww when it's mentioned I am going to give them the finger. Like so:

Why? Because stop fronting people. Women have been giving birth since the first one of us stood up on two legs and pissed on a rock. Granted yes, everyone has a phobia but come ON now. This is ridiculous.

And I will say, I too think Ricki Lake's Coochie is awesome.

So is mine. Even though there have been no human heads in there to show her to her full potential.

And before anyone asks yes I have in fact seen a baby crowning live and up close, as in close enough to touch said baby's head. And it was MOTHER FUCKING AWESOME! Yes yelling was absolutely necessary there.

I am so cranky today. Even listening to lovely classical Chinese music is not easing the GRR.

Actually let me back up on the cranky.

Can I just say right now that super googling at work makes me kind of squee a little? I am such a freaking nerd. But I like digging up problems on teh intertubes.

It's not offically part of my job but it's one of those things I like to do. Matter of fact I don't have to do half the silly researching I do but I enjoy it.

Also my new boots arrived. To review I got myself a pair of Scene-100 Demonia boots and here's what they look like:

The fit is very nice. Being that they are unisex sizing (as with most Demonia boots)
the calf is far roomier than the other pair of boots I bought from them. They are also fabric as opposed to pleather so there is way more give.

The foot bed seems to run a tad on the small side so if you are closer to a half size or on the higher side of a half size order the next one up.

They are very cute and I will maybe post a photo of me actually wearing them tomorrow.

What else?

Not much actually. I think I need to update my hair blog sometime soon with some new ideas/mishaps. Um.

WOW people my brain is on permanent DUH.

So yeah. more tomorrow. Also probably Sunday/Saturday expect a pants rant because I am again in need of new pants and the shopping for of the pants is making me stabby.

That's all.

Homo Out.

PS why is Blogger being such a jackass? I have edited this bitch three times and none of them have stuck. I r not amused.


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