Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogging for Choice.

I usually forget to participate in blog for (enter cause here) but I remembered today.

First of all go read about Roe V Wade here really quickly and I'll wait. No really go read.

Now look at this.

Blog for Choice Day

Okay now for my little bit of four cents here.

I have been Pro Choice since I was aware of what abortion is. Basically I believe that abortion is not an issue that needs to be legislated one way or the other honestly. Whether or not to carry a child is a decision that cannot be made for you by another person. Like so many other issues I believe that the extremes of the political arena get far too involved.

However I do see a need for abortion to be regulated. I don't want women to be using abortion as birth control nor do I want to see women dying from sepsis and other assorted dangers. I want to see women free to make their own empowered (by full knowledge of what's going on) decisions.

For myself I am not sure if I would ever have an abortion. I can't say. I've never been pregnant or had a scare. I don't particularly want to have biological children right now. So I can't say.

I don't have volumes to say on this issue. My stance isn't feminist, religious or whatever it's simply what I feel is right and just.

Whatever your opinion is on the issue, all I ask is that you not try and legislate your view as the absolute truth and help to keep women safe.

Thanks for reading.

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