Thursday, January 17, 2008

Found things and maybe a reintroductin.

All right i'll start off with some things that caught my eye in my Google Feed reader today.

First up via Racialicious I found the art of Kimiko Yoshida. I highly suggest you go have a look at her self portraiture. I find that incredibly inspiring.

I have a very deep love of and interest in the art of self portraiture. I believe that a photo taken of oneself has the ability to peel back something that can't always be done when someone else is holding the camera. I really love it and part of my whole want to learn how to take photographs is because of this project that's been living in my head since I was a kid. For more neat-o type photos check out the Self Portrait Live Journal Community.

Okay now for some reintroductions because some of you are new and a lot of you are cruising in.

First of all I'm Shannon. 30 years old. Human black female. When coming here you can expect sex, make up, beauty, talk about fatness, my daily life, rantings ravings and language that probably makes some people cringe.

I have few rules here. Number one being don't think you can come in and change my feelings, opinions or life by making a statement or comment.

If you want to comment I encourage it. It you wanna troll try to hurt my feelings and for the love of all things cute and fluffy spell every word right or I will ridicule you.

I like to talk about things that catch my eye. Whether it's from the Fatosphere (which I seem to have fallen out of) or anywhere else on the intertubes. Sometimes I talk about sex. I talk about boobs. I talk about porn.

I am an author however, this place is not where I showcase my mad skills. So if that's what you're expecting you can give that one up.


Let's see.

I'm not always nice. Matter of fact I'll tell you right off that people being stupid brings out the mean.

Feel free to ask questions. Lurk. Wank. Do what you like.

I think that's all as far as intros go.

Now in news of the absurd I put neon pink french tip style color on my nails last night. I am so goth it hurts. Black nails with pink tips. Or does that make me emo? I have no idea it's silly but amusing. Tonight I will be painting my toenails this violent neon pink.

What else?

Oh the jury is still out on the Milk of Magnesia as a mattifier experiment. I did notice in a few spots I must not have waited long enough for it to dry because my powder looked weirdly gummy for a quick minute. Easily fixed with a tissue but still. I am STILL ass over tea kettle in love with my MSF in Shimpagne. I used it as an eyeshadow today and the look is very nice.

Very neutral and sparkly I even put on blush although I need to practice that I haven't worn blush on the regular in years and years.

What else?

Oh clothes. Can we discuss clothes for a hot minute?

I've been really good about not buying things because of my "OH SHINY" Crow reaction to something. It's been difficult because I LOVE the OH SHINY. However. I am thinking that maybe at least one or two things merit getting bought because of my OH SHINY reaction.

My list of OH SHINY let me show you it:

This Lip Service Top. Let me admit right now I really should be breaking up with Lip Service. They are not down with the fat girls despite what they've said to the contrary. How do I know this?

After a Rah rah type "we love big asses too" response in a Lip Service community from one of their employees I have been waiting with booty aquiver for their promised greater selection of things in XL-XXL. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. And fucking denied.

It seems to me that lines that are made of super stretchy materials would be the first to rock some XXL hotness. Not so. Not even the classic staple of a fishnet shirt is done in XXL. So ixnay on the Fascist Fishnet. Which is sad because that's been one of my favorite lines for fucking years.

Next up Punk N Disorderly. Another one of my fo' sheezy favorite lines. One item out of fucking like 10 is available in an XXL and good luck trying to find a vendor that stocks them. Further more of course it isn't even the ONE garment that would be amazingly easy to make in an XXL but one of their bustiers. Which by the way, big titties+big shoulders=that shit ain't gonna fit.

The XXL lass or cross dressing laddie fares a little bit better with the Gangsta Pranksta line but not much. Especially when it comes to bottoms (capri's and pants especially) the fact is those are not made for those with some ham to jam nor for the bodacious booty having. Sad. Especially because honestly, a lot of this style would look SMOKING hot on someone with any of the aforementioned fleshy bits.

DeadBeat Daggers line? Total bust. Again super stretchy material, very easy to sneak in some bigger sizing and nil.

So I'm skipping the rest of the Spring collection because frankly I'm pissed off. Over the last say fifteen years or so I have spent loads of dollars on Lip Service. And it just turns my crank to know that yeah, I'm fat and fuck me running I can't get a fucking break with these people. Oh if you want to have a look at what I'm talking about look at Redemption Klothing's catalog link here.

Also when did Lip Service stop or get so slow making stuff for Torrid? They had some hot HOT shit for Torrid and i can't find it anymore. Also Lippy for Hot Topic is a sort of meh consolation. If you're an inbetweenie like me depending on how you're put together you may or may not be able to jam your ham into HT Lippy XXL. Sometimes I can (skirts) sometimes I can't (dresses). It irritates my ham.

All that said, I still honestly fucking love a lot of their designs and it's difficult.

While we're on the subject of rocking clothes I must say that Heavy Red and I won't even start to see each other.

Back when I was quite a bit thinner I saved up money and purchased myself something or other from Heavy Red. I remember the shipping alone cost my left ovary. I recall being so amazingly disappointed. Their clothing photographs beautifully. However in person the fabric wasn't nearly as luxe as it appeared and the fit was atrocious. The fit by their measurements should've worked fine but the cut was horrific. Absolutely cut for someone tall willowy with no ass or hips.

Clearly, not me.

Now in the last few months I've been again perusing Heavy Red, their sizing has started to become more generous. And they have a few things that I just love however, I can't bring myself to pay so much for something that may be a total disappointment. I've read in quite a few goth type forums/communities that a lot of people have been disappointed with the quality of their garments. And I do not want.

I've also noticed quite a few goth online stores have added "plus" sized sections and the mark ups are insane. Or their entirely super special plus size section is two tops and a skirt. I do not approve.

Thus I have been very careful and considerate of where I spent my money.

So where is all this leading?

This is all leading me to my sewing machine. Quire simply I cannot see paying 78-80 dollars for something simply because a.) my waist is a couple of inches bigger than what's considered a L or XL. b.)Because goddamn it I am not paying 60$ for a cotton circle skirt. Prices are out of hand and I'm over it.

I know I know, but Shannon what about the OH SHINY.

I think this skirt is my OH SHINY right now. I think that is cute and I could rock that with a black tank and either my Chuck's or other shoes. Cute cute cute. yes it's a little absurd and I don't care.

I think I'm spent. It's time for tea and I think I might have to cruise the ebay for patterns and some cute tights/leggings to wear with the vintage dress I just won on the Ebay.

That's it folks.

Homo Out.


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fat fu said...

Dammit - I thought your posts were showing up. Crap crap crap. K I'm going to try and fix this tonight. Can you give me a buzz next time this happens, it's been hard for me to keep track, especially since I have a lot going on right now. I need some big loud yells when people's posts aren't showing up.

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