Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Musings.

First of all let me just say that I look motherfucking fantastic today.

No really, I look like the hot casual corp goth hotness. I got my pants from Woman Within. Of course I can't find a good picture. And I am too special lately to use Flickr properly or remember that I have a damn digital camera. Anyway the construction is very nice, they are very soft and just structured enough. I can complain however about the seriously high waist band.

I am short. I have a short torso and these come up damn near to my tits so I won't be tucking anytime soon. I am also wearing a black boat net ribbed long sleeve shirt that I bought from NewPort News years ago. Very cute with this cottony tissue tattered bell sleeve. Also my long Torrid sweater coat. That was probably one of the best wardrobe investments I've made in years. It's warm enough to layer in winter, but cool enough to wear as a jacket in the Spring. It is made of win.

Oh also happy first birthday to F-Word. Also congrats to Rachel who's taking the FA to the airwaves. Read all about it here.

Also I was reading over at Shapely Prose earlier and I love the question of what are you wearing. While you're over at Shapely Prose have a looksy at the BMI Project. I think things like that are extremely important because really, how many of us can look at each other and know where we fall in the whole BMI nonsense. Some of those photos really illustrate the assitude (yes I made up that word feel free to steal it) that is the whole BMI thing.

Now back to fashion. I have some old complaints that I want to complain about again.

Given my love of skirts and all things funky sock and tight related can I just say that I still find Sock Dreams sizing explanations infuriating? Seriously if I'm going to shell out 20$ for some hot ass interesting thigh high socks I would like to know if they fit non skinny legs. I think once or twice I've spotted some thicker thighs on that website but damned if I can find them now. And I am seriously in the market here. Since pants have been obtained as has a new bra next up is legwear for spring.

By contrast we have Sock Army. Granted they don't give thigh circumference measurements but look at the big picture on this page. See the difference? Their selection might not be as varied but I do really appreciate there being more than one kind of legs shown.

I also found via Sock Dreams a link to this very kick ass looking Indie Seattle Rummage/Craft sale. I just may have to check that out.

I cannot say how over the lack of diversity even among the "outsider" type fashion people.

Now for some random blog linking.

Mainstream Obscenity.
Good stuff I like this one a lot. Also a little tip, if you're like me and like a variety of blogs use whatever feed reader you have. It makes life way easier. I really enjoy my google feed reader a lot.

Next up someone I absolutely adore. She's smart, talented, a sweetheart, totally nuts and absolutely gorgeous. Miss Sarah Katherine Lewis has finally gotten herself a brand spanking new website. Go love her too.

And you should be reading Big Gay Jim. The name says it all. I really enjoy his writing style and a lot of what he has to say.

I actually have something to rant about but I am in too good of a mood. So some widgets for you to play with.

First one another GoodReads widget. I am totally going to keep posting these until you all become my friends in my rampant nerdery.

my Goodreads shelves

And um...let's see a few more.

You can see some of the songs I really love. Listen to ones you don't know. Come on it's fun.

One more link Prunella De Ville. Loved on the name alone but very funny stuff I like it.

So that's all.

I'm spent and I need tea.

Homo Out.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

And if my crotch voted, it would be nothing but good looking folks in Washington ;)

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