Monday, January 07, 2008

Interestingly enough...

Post #2 of the new year hot damn.

Welcome Regina *wave* I still have not yet figured out if one can actually respond to individual comments using blogger software. Ugh.

So first of all I've been reading the feed for Racilicious and you should too it's good stuff. I was even moved to comment today. I won't tell you on which post you'll just have to go read until you find it.

Since I'm in the spirit of new year=new things I want to talk about stuff that's going on.

In utmost important news I am learning to give myself braids and this is FANTASTIC. I got myself the Braids By Breslin 4 in 1 DVD and am focusing on giving myself microbraids. I am super excited about this because I've always wanted to learn to do that properly for myself and, I will be saving money. I plan on trying for my first full head braidathon later in the month.

Also later in the month I FINALLY get new glasses. Hallelujah. I know sometimes the spelling here is absolutely horrible. Most of that is due to my equally if not worse vision. I have incredibly poor eyesight and just didn't have the money for new eyeballs. However I now have both the loot and the appointment so YAY.

So that will improve the spelling issues. Unfortunately sometimes I just can't see the errors.

What else?

AH yeah so for years I have loved the art of the self portrait. What I love even more are those very intimate macro type shots. Since I now posess a digi cam, I have been thinking I may put together a book/website/thing of those type of shots with essays to go with them. To that end I am going to need to purchase some full length mirrors, a tripod. Probably some fabricy type things to give myself a nice background when I want one.

What else?

OH I have decided to go easier on myself with the belly dancing. I have a problem expecting way too much from myself then getting discouraged or hurting myself. I am biting the bullet and am going to buy myself some better exercise wear this paycheck and start all over again. I am also going to stop trying to make myself do yoga. I can admit defeat. I am not going to like it. That's all. And that's ok.

I also think I am going to slack on buying any fitted type clothes. At least until I find stuff I actually like.

Bloody hell I am a tired little fucker. However the make up today is fabulous. Mac pigments fun. Except for the fall out around my left eye not so cute.

Okay I'm about done.

Homo Out.


1 comment:

Regina said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the welcome!
Wow, doing your own braids huh? I am glad to say I do not ever want to do that! My hair is to thick and it would take too long, thank God my son married a hair dresser. She just twisted my hair and I LOVE it! Come by my blog and see the before and after pictures, simply amazing!
I will go by and check out the blog you mentioned sometime tonight.


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