Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year

This year I am not making resolutions. Instead I am making indulgences.

the act or practice of indulging; gratification of desire.

2007 was a difficult one for me on a lot of levels and frankly I'm fucking over it. So my list of Indulgences.

1.) I will at least three times a week spend an extra .50 cents and go to the coffee shop where I am not only a regular but, where the coffee is fucking superb. Where my splash of cream isn't in the coffee because the coffee tastes like burnt ass instead so I can take big long drinks and not burn my uvula.

2.) I will Indulge in what some may consider "questionable" fashion if I wanna. Which means I will wear my petticoats, glittery make up and ass stomping hot boots if I wanna. When I wanna. Barring shitty weather. Yes if anyone wonders I do in fact realize I'm over 30. Which is exactly why I will wear whatever the fuck I feel like wearing and stop shopping places where I hate the clothes.

3.) I will open and sniff some of the BPAL Imps a very nice lady sent me when she shipped my purchase from her. She sent a ton of Imps even though I'd only bought like four and I haven't even sniffed a quarter of them yet.

4.) I will learn more sewing techniques and how to. I will make more of my wardrobe this year if it makes my fingers bleed.

5.) I am not going to suffer things I do not want. Insert Do. Not. Want cat macro here.

6.) Probably most importantly I'm going to fucking enjoy myself. Seriously. 07 was entirely too goddamn serious. Also if that means I have to let out some of the crazy I will let out the crazy. Srsly.

I do have plans for this year. I'm going to stop trying to force myself to like doing yoga because that's what all the cool kids are doing. There I said it. I am the one person out of a billion who fucking hates doing yoga. I like being more flexible however the whole yoga thing, I'm just not into it.

I'm far more into a wee set of stretches then I'm good.

Also back and knees permitting I want to dance more.

As much of a geek as I am I still haven't entirely figured out my camera yet. I think since I'm working overtime on Saturday I might just bring my camera and screw around with it until I figure it out entirely.

Also I think I might actually be ready to finish editing my poetry book and get it out. I've been waffling about this for a year because I don't want to be shunted into that league of douchebags who self publish their shit and then well, it's still shit.

Anything else?

I think I am going to have to let go of my love for a few particular uber goth clothing labels. They are not fat friendly and no matter how many emails I send they won't become fat friendly and that makes me sad.

Okay enough of this entry it's been sitting here for three days. Thus I will backdate it and post a new one later.

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Regina said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!
Interesting blog, nice to meet you.


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