Friday, January 11, 2008


It's youtube Friday and I Officially am back in love with Miss Jackson.

Yes I'm nasty.

Her new song she is looking hot and I love the little hook by Khia.

So you can
Act bad
Don't hurt me
Look sexy
Talk dirty

Hayl to the yeah that made me shake it a little.

However I am still entirely stuck in this era of Miss Jackson.

Hayl to the yeah I love that album.

Lookit those muscles man. Hotness.How can you NOT love Miss Jackson singing about touchin herself and screwing some guy blind?

Also again if that doesn't make you wiggle your butt in your seat, your ass is broken.

Next, granted I kind of hate that anyone covered this song but it is SO much fun and the ladies look fucking fantastic.

To say I would like to chew on Mya's booty does not do it justice. That is a fantastic ass.

And Miss Pink, oh lord those thighs check it out when she's got a foot on the chair and is flexing.

And um Miss Xtina (who I read had a baby today YAY). Generally I'm not so attracted to wee tiny girls like her but, the voice and come ON man. She's gorgeous.

Also if we're talking about Miss Xtina I will say I still LOVE the Dirrty era Xtina. Work it, Own it, OWN IT BITCH. Seriously. If you are going to hooch it up own it. Goddamn it.

Again if you are not shaking it a little at your desk, your butt is broken.

That video makes me want to either mud wrestle or wear a bum flap skirt and shake it like I'm gonna break it.

Okay and now some Ladies Night cause come on now. Grab your favorite homo or grab your own boobs, stand up and shake somethin.

The live performance version is WAY better but of course I can't find it.

Now I'd like to go dancing with this lady. Seriously how much fun would that be?

Also for this next video I'm gonna say:


If you've been reading me for any amount of time you are aware that I am a booty shaking advocate.

Don't tell me you don't have a booty. If your tail bone doesn't hit the chair when you sit down, if you can reach back and squeeze a little something something, you have enough booty for shaking.

Put on music you like, I don't care what it is. Stand up, yes you right now and start it shaking. I don't care if you have no rhythm, if you're in front of a window, if you've got a big booty or hardly any booty shake what you got.

Do it until you're sweaty and can't breath and are laughing. That is what booty shaking is for.

As Mr. Bubba Sparxx says, "booty booty booty rockin everywhere."

Homo Out.


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