Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Braining.

I finally got some sleep so I will probably be meandering all over the place today with stuff I wanted to talk about before but due to brain non-functionality (I seriously typed cuntiness) I didn't get to.

First of all let's talk about DIY clothes again.

I've talked about this before. But, really come ON now people. So I tend to go weeks without using myspace because I hate it and I get tired of the spam. So anyway I did actually log in last week and some DIY designer wanted to be my friend.

So I go look at their clothes and send them a polite email telling them they have some very nice designs but, being that I am over a size 8 they have nothing for me and I don't see the necessity of doing custom sizing over a size medium. I get back the usual whiny response that pretty much boils down to "but I don't know any fat people." Whatever. I am willing to bet that this person does know women with hips more than 34 but doesn't want to make the effort to know a different body type than her own.

Don't feed me shit I have already heard it and I am not fucking interested.

Now let's talk about underwear. For those of you who are new readers I will tell you I am fairly anti-panty when it comes to myself. I hate wearing panties and have for about 20 years. That said I do like panties, as in to look at pretty things but when it comes to wearing actual squirrel covers I generally don't

Why? Because for some reason the way my buttoxial area is shaped panties just annoy me. Whether they are creeping so far up my ass I feel like my colon is getting some cotton or, they are baggy in the ass, the waist band comes up under my tits or rolls under my stomach. Annoys my taint. Chafes my labia whatever. I just do not want.

That said I do actually enjoy and will wear plain cotton thongs. My go to place for these has been Frederick's of Hollywood for ages now. They are usually decently priced, cute and goddamn it I just love Frederick's. Of all the places I've shopped for underthings at many sizes. They have always come through where Vicky's secret has been made of fail.

Also Frederick's has always impressed me as far as sizing goes. Whether you're a 00 or a 22 you may very well find something to wake up your inner hoochie and get her shaking it or just laying around and looking hot. You can sometimes find things there up to a 5X which as lots of my femme types on the bigger end of fat will probably tell you can be such a fucking hassle.

Also um the shoes. Yes, okay I'll admit it I love hooker shoes. I don't care what anyone says. I LOVE gaudy looking crazy heeled shoes. Sue me.

One more thing about Frederick's to love if you get their catalogs regularly you can catch some fantastic sales. Just sayin.

Random bit of TMI I was reading comments somewhere or other and saw a trolltastic comment that amounted to "OMGZ TEH FATTIES DUN HAS TEH SECKS"

Um okay. If the tenderness of my loins currently is any indication I can provide proof positive that yes, some of us fatties are indeed having rocking porn star type sexing.

I'd take a picture of the hickey on my boob but, couldn't get a shot lit decently.

Pursuant to my Xpost from Fatshionista
I have decided to go with a very nice shirt from Target, pants from I don't recall where and I will be trying to make myself some of these. I've never made a shirt like that before (note to self email Vesta) and I think it would be a handy thing to have some knowledge of. So in case again i wind up finding weirdly shiny patterned flouncy things I can get me a shirt without too much hassle.

Also pertaining to wardrobe I had a total impulse buy last week. I bought this very cute vintage Liz Claiborn aline swingy type dress on Ebay and it is SO goddamn adorable. It is so adorable I cannot wait for it to warm up a little so I can rock it with either my calf high plaid boots or maybe (note to self start looking) some stompy mary janes and interesting tights and/or socks. I have decided that this year (and probably the foreseeable future is all about skirts+stompy footwear and interesting tights, socks, or bare legs.

Also I'm sad to say I just can't break up with Lip Service. I know I said all that shit about them not being into the fat ass but goddamn it I love their clothes. I've found some other if not quite plus size than more plump lady types in a Lip Service related community on LJ and i will continue to scour ebay until I find the one thing I can't resist from Lippy brand new. I am so weak.

For once my politics has not been able to sway my total love of something. To make it up to myself about that because honestly trying to shop for Lippy can be so terrible and self hatred inducing I am going to make myself get more into reconning clothings and making myself some fabulous goth pretties. Mostly because a LOT of the goth type clothing I like is super expensive and not made for a big girl. So fuck em I'll make my own and it'll be that much MORE fabulous because I made it.

To that end I have rediscovered Antimony and Lace and have all sorts of plans for making pretties.

Now some links from the Fatosphere.

Meowser wrote a nice one today over at Fat Fu go read it.

In case you don't keep up on the Fatosphere several of very talented bloggers were featured in an NYtimes piece you can see here. (Holler if you have to log in)

From that the expected has happened. Some people have been trolled, others have been found and beloved. I don't like some of the tone of the article but I expected that as well.

Via Sweetmachine over at Shapely Prose I've found links to this (nsfw..bewbies in the house) and I love it. If you don't already know I LOVE this sort of thing. Natural actual people being photographed. OMG. Love. Love. LOVE.

Which is why the Laurie Toby Edison's (again bewbies in the house nsfw) photographs mean a whole lot to me. Seeing people in their imperfect glory makes my heart glad.

Okay I think I'm done for now. Can't brain anymore I want to eat gummy bears and drink green tea.

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