Monday, January 28, 2008

Things I think about.

First of all let me mention that watching Rachel from F-word and Mo Pie from BFD this morning was a pleasure. Watch the clips on Youtube here and here. I won't spoil it for you but it was very good and Miss Rachel your glasses gave me glasses envy. And Mo that haircut is love. Srsly.

Oh also before I forget Colleen from The Pretty Pear posted (mm alliteration) some great savings and coupon codes here.

While I'm pimping links you should go read what Meowser had to say about the truthfully awful article in "Bitch" magazine about the Fatosphere. To tell you the truth I didn't even read the whole article when I thumbed through Bitch the first thing to mind is that the author was lazy and irresponsible and I couldn't bring myself to read the rest.

Honestly (granted I am no journalist) if you are going to write something shouldn't you at least appear to make a little bit of an effort to research? Or type your key words into google and get lucky? Gods.

Next up I want to discuss something I think about frequently. All too often I hear religion (usually Christianity) as the basis for someone disapproving of one thing or another. Be it interracial relationships, homosexuality, whatever have to wonder. And I've asked a few people this question but most don't take it seriously and start spouting selected bits of scripture from parts of the bible they themselves don't so strictly adhere to(that is a whole other entry).

What if you are doing it wrong? What if you in all your pious disdain are absolutely incorrect?

To take it a step further what if when you die, you go for your judgement and stand in the presence of God and Jesus and they look at you and ask why did you condemn (as my favorite example) homosexuals?

Do you dare to spout scriptures at them and look like you did a job well done?

What if then, they just shake their heads and every gay person who has ever died before you is there in heaven, in the bosom of your very own God and God and Jesus look at you and say, "where was the love in your heart? Where was your compassion?"

And then you get kicked out.

Maybe not the big H-E double hockey sticks but you don't get invited to the party because you didn't follow the simplest instructions of your own religion. What would you do?

I don't want to fling scripture because that isn't the point. The point to me is that at the base of most religions there is love and care for fellow man. My point is, you are not God. No matter how fervently you believe it is not your place to tell anyone else what God thinks of them.

Granted it's human nature but still. I see way too many people who don't even try and that bothers me at a spiritual level. It hurts.

Mostly what I'm saying is examine your words before they leave your mouth, and don't preach to me if you're blatantly disregarding some of the most important parts of what you're preaching about.

That's been on my mind for awhile and now onto something else.


I have been acutely aware of Womanhood (yes with a capital W) since I was a very very small child. Aware of, in awe of and fascinated by the (luckily for me) diverse women around me. However I will admit that at one point in childhood probably around age 5-6 I was irate to learn that I too would grow up and be a woman.

I blame Superman for this.

I loved Superman. I had Superman sheets, I ran around in Superman Underoos (do they even make those anymore?) with a red towel tied around my neck and I saved everyone. I was 100% certain that I would grow up, change my name to Clark Kent, be a reporter and in fact save the world. There was little anyone could say to dissuade me from that.

Until I understood that since I was a girl I would not be Superman and I was devastated. Not because being a girl was bad, or that being a woman would suck, no I was mad because I wouldn't be Superman. I wasn't mollified until I discovered Dolly Parton and Wonder Woman. That is to say I discovered my love of boobs.

My early love for Dolly, Wonder Woman, drag queens and their ilk is probably the very foundation of my insane love for boots, all things sparkly and really high heels.

However my interest in Womanhood in all it's fantastic permutations has never wavered. Although I have grown out of interviewing random people. I did that a lot as a kid. I would sit and ask questions about someone until they shoo'd me away. I have always loved hearing the things that women generally only ever tell other women.

As I got a little older I started to think about, no obsess over what kind of woman I wanted to be.

I decided I wanted no part of the stereotypical "good girl" experience. None of it.

I wanted to fight, fuck, curse like a sailor when I wanted, do any and every little thing. Eat a lot, live life in ways that will leave me filled and satisfied.

I'm still working on it.

Not much else on my mind today.

Homo Out.


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