Thursday, February 07, 2008

Clothes and whatnot.

Clearly I am not asleep.

However I have been cruising the intertubes and here's something I just submitted over at Fatshionista and for those of you not down with the LJ here's the post.

I haven't done business with most of these but here are some finds from Ebay because I can't sleep and I am on the hunt. And none of these stores belong to me.

Curvy Kitten Loot Clothes and hosiery up to about a 7X for those who like the ladies clothing. A bunch of Torrid stuff some decent deals but like new-ish prices.

Loletavan Plus Size Clothing. Lots of cute tops and things up to 5X. Good prices there as well.

Lulu's Plus size Clothing store. UP to 6X. Tops, lingerie, lots of stuff from Roaman's. Lots of really good prices.

L.A Fashion Outlet. This is Jr.s Plus so make sure you check out the measurements for items. However very good selection of trendy and clubbing type clothing. Also a few items for your smaller friends. I have a few things from there on my radar.

I also ran across the plus size section from a place called FairyFairyLand and there are some really interesting tops and sweaters up to a 3X.

Easy search string here for those of us on the goth side of the force. Click here. Tons of individual sellers, Torrid, Holy Clothing, etc.

This seller is one to keep an eye on. Bastet2329 I just bought a super cute vintage Liz Claiborn a line dress for a fantastic price. She often has some cute gothy plus size clothes.

I wanted to share. I am a serious bargain shopper and have found some really kickass things on Ebay lately.

For those of you nervous about buying clothing online my few must use tips.

1.) Get a tape measure and know your measurements. Keep them in a notepad document on your computer for quick reference. This will save you money.

2.) Know what brands you love and cloth you like. You can search Ebay and other similar sites using your favorite store name (Torrid, LB etc) or cloth (try a search using Tulle) and you can find all sorts of goodies.

3.) Don't be afraid to ask sellers questions. It's far easier to ask a question than it is to waste money or be disappointed.

4.) Lastly, if something is super cheap don't be afraid to try something new. I am a good example I bought an item I wasn't at all certain I would love but it was 7.00 shipped and now I love it. For the record that item was a fugly little hat that I would marry if I could.


For some more in depth hints about online thrifting/shopping you can read my AC article about buying on Ebay. See that here. Feel free to skip the HAES article because I don't particularly care for that one.

And Vesta totally rocks my socks. You have something coming in the mail next week.

What else?

OH briefly I have to admit defeat with fancy bras. We all know I love and worship the D Cups of Doom. I want them to be happy and look pretty. I bought a very lovely bra that's pink with some flowery embroidery and lacy bits and ye GODS does it make my boobs itch. I don't think a fabric softener will fix it. Sadness.

I am going back to plainer bras to keep the boobs happy.

Yet again I forgot to get a picture of my cute outfit today. Long black Lip Service skirt with a zip up in the back that reveals sparkly lacy bits. Black sweater, black hoody and underneath my knee high burgundy Docs and some leggings because it is motherfucking cold out. Cuteness.

It wasn't even a strategically planned outfit. I have a migraine and was so out of it while dressing I just sorta grabbed black things until I found something that seemed suitable.

Goth much? I know.

This weekend I am launching myself on my first T shirt recon. One of Uniballer's very old Tshirts (A Misfits shirt with a huge Crimson Ghost on it) is going to be turned into a long straight skirt with quite possibly some faux corset style lacing.

We'll see.

I also started collecting up some fantastic tutorials and printing them out from What the Craft. Saturday I will be getting myself a three ring binder for these. I am serious about this.

I might also eventually try my hand at making myself some panties. But then again we all know I am Anti Panty so that might get scrapped.

I also think I might re-start (love that I am making up words. Fuck sake my head hurts) doing more content for AC. Probably fat fashion related to those of us on the goth side of the force.

I think that's about all. However I will tell you that I right this instant have no pants on. And the color of the day is bush. If I have to explain that to you, you probably don't want to know.

Later today I am probably going to talk about sex. Stay tuned.

Homo Out.
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vesta44 said...

Ah, you got the pattern. Good deal, I hope it works for what you want. :)

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