Monday, February 18, 2008

Cynical cat is Cynical.

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I was just cruising a supposedly plus sized web portal involving all things shopping that shall remain nameless and I find some of their choices questionable if not absurd. I'm starting with the Goth section because that's how I roll.

First up a site called Clothing Whore. Have a looksy at their size chart here and tell me if it doesn't seem a tad off? Comparing that to randomly chosen Target and Old Navy. Notice the size 24 measurements clocks in measurement wise at 46-19-48, not at Target a size 20 comes in at 45-38-47.5 and at (waist and hip since their sizing charts are stoopid) 39-49.5. The size "24" from Clothing Whore seems closer to a 20. I did a brief non-scientific survey of a few other big box stores and their measurements are all around that Target measurement for a size 20. Also an extra $50.00 for "custom" sizing.

They also list ShadowFae and they are closed and have been for quite awhile.

And Hot Topic. Okay have you seen their "extended sizes" area? If you haven't let me sum up for you quickly, tshirts, a few skirts, more tshirts and the occasional pair of pants.

And um why do they list Lip Service? Clearly nobody has actually yanno checked their site in years. They discontinued their "Voluptuous Vixens" sizing years ago despite the presence of that size chart and their sizes go up to about a tight fitting 14 if you don't have big thighs or big boobs.

Goth Shop has 2, yes lookit here TWO whole "plus size" offerings. I am not impressed.

They also list Jeannie Nitro's Bone Church and I am impressed they do label it as being sized small which her offerings are. However the selection (especially if you look at the rest of the catalog) is paltry.

I am more impressed with some of their other sections. However I am a little displeased.

I'm not saying this just to be bitchy. However I do think that some of these retailers are shady. Not in their business practices but why offer "plus sized" anything if they are not actually plus sized clothing? Or if your sizing is SO incredibly different than the median of what is plus sized why bother? Would it be SO damn hard to I don't know use the google and look at the measurements and bodies of some plus sized models so you have an idea of what you're doing?

And as for the complaint that people just don't know plus sized people. All I'm going to say is use fucking Craigslist or whatever other local thing you have. I bet there are shitloads of hot fat girls willing to be fit models for damn near free or for some swag. It's not that hard I imagine to put out an ad. Matter of fact I'll do it for you for free.

Rad independant designer seeks plus size fit model. No pay but great swag! Help a girl out. Call 555-555-5555 or email

That took me all of ten seconds.

As far as fat fashion goes there are many damn fine resources.

Colleen over at Pretty Pear is the poop. Natty fashion sense, good writing, she makes with the coupon codes and alerts to sales, answers reader questions. Good stuff all round.

And of course I have to mention Too Fat For Fashion. If you like high fashion and being a fat girl baby they are for you. They feature upcoming trends, beautiful photos, talk to/about models. Good stuff I have been a fan for a long time.

Also let's talk about Fatshionista. There is a website now as well as the LJ community. Fatshionista isn't really for the faint of heart or those who are butthurt easily. Granted it's been pretty laid back lately, however on occasion there can be wank of epic proportions. It is totally worth it to sign up for LJ so you can see all the pretty photos and whatnot. A very diverse group of folks.

Also I think I get so annoyed because it's become very trendy for any and everyone to slap the words "plus size" on something and instantly they have business because yes, as many merchants across the spectrum of taste and style are figuring out fat girls want to look hot and many are willing to drop serious dollars to do so.

Okay and I have to say I think I am officially breaking up with Lip Service now. If you remember quite awhile back one of their design people made an appearance on the Lippy_addicts LJ community here. Now if you read all through that there are lots and lots of requests for plus size and more selection of items that come in XXL.

I had a cursory look at the newly released line drawings and I am very very disappointed. See the Summer and Fall lines here and here respectively. As far as the summer line goes why are there not more styles in XXL in fabrics like twill and jersey that would allow a pretty good amount of fudge room as far as fit?

Now maybe my perception is still in butthurt mode but, wouldn't it be simpler to offer an item in a material that has some stretch to it in a bigger variety of sizes than say offering cinchers in the bigger variety?

The Winter collection is a little better but jeeze.

I am very tempted to start annoying them with a barrage of constant emails and questions about sizing and the whys and whatnot. I may or may not have the energy. I may just give up and bid Lip Service a fond farewell and see you probably never.

And I'm spent folks.

More tomorrow.

Homo Out.


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