Monday, February 04, 2008

More of the cranky.

Still cranky.

Also can I just say that I find it entirely insulting that when trying to bring up valid concerns regarding the fit of a certain line of clothes there HAS to be the jackhole that comes along and says well maybe you're all just too fat/tall/whatever because I'm just soooooooooooooooo tiny and I have no problems cause I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo tiny blabla.

Enough with the size dicksizing. If this jackhole knew anything about manufacturing and/or designing clothing she'd know it's in the best interest of any clothier to know where problems with their clothing lie. Whether that's in fit, construction, sizing what have you.

Good lord.

I think for the rest of the winter I am going to dedicate myself to reconning clothing. Tshirt skirts and dresses and things. The way we have our apartment arranged I just might move my sewing area into the bedroom. I don't know yet.

In the grand tradition of me conducting experiments on myself I am going to test out the Miracle Peel Cloth. And an overhauled skin care routine. The problem is that I have an issue with pigmentation like so many black women do.

Any pimple or other irritation I get tends to leave a dark mark and it's highly frustrating when you combine that with extraordinarily oily skin that is sensitive. Most likely I will use the cloth in the morning with warm water then at night use my regular cleansers.

I will be moisturizing in the evening with aloe gel on my face and cocoa butter (where I have the most dark marks) on my neck. Then in the day my milk of magnesia make up primer. If I grow some ovaries I may document the process in photos.

I am undecided about that.

that's all. I'm doing my taxes and it's making my head hurt.

Anything financial makes me feel like such a moron.

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mnwhr said...

I just came across it and I love your blog, I will continue to check it out.

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