Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pretty stuff.

Okay so some make up stuff.

I've tried out some new things lately and I'd like to share.

First up Covergirl Freshlook pressed powder in my shade called Soft Sable. First of all let me say that I tried dozens of sites and looked around locally and finding anything in that lovely shade of brown called soft sable is a fucking pain in my ass. I had to turn to Ebay. I used to used the CG original Clean Pressed Powder. In the last few months though I wanted a change.

So Freshlook it was and I'm sad to say I'm a little disappointed. Without a serious dousing of my Fyrinnae oil control loose powder top coat my skin breaks through the CG powder in a very short period of time. Also for something recommended for oily skin this shit has been breaking me out something terrible. Looks great for about the first ten minutes but I am giving it up.

Also in some areas like around my nose the texture gets cakey and weird and I have to spend a good amount of time buffing it out. Which defeats the purpose of time saving.

So back to Bare Escentuals I go.

I've also been using the Oil of Olay complete moisturizer+SPF. I have been terrified of daytime moisture+sunscreen because well HELLO super oily skin. I searched and this one is actually very nice. I got the sensitive skin formula and I'm not breaking out or oilier than usual. I am impressed.

I included this in my routine because I've started using a Miracle Peel cloth. I purchased this from Sheer Miracle. I haven't been using it long enough yet to see actual skin tone type results but I can say that after a couple of uses with just warm water after cleansing my skin is softer. I also have fewer peeling spots that regular scrubs couldn't handle.

My make up has gone on smoother and my skin has been a little less AHHHH HA SCREW YOUR MATTE PRODUCTS!

My ultimate goal here is more even skin tone and skin that looks to be in better condition. To this end I will probably in the next few weeks start using an AHA night time cream. Most likely this one from Neoteric Cosmetics ( the makers of Alpha Hydrox products). I've read very good reviews and I'm optimistic.

OH I also picked up a sample of a mineral make up face primer. I bought a sample of Happy Minerals Oil Contol Primer. I'm going to have to give that a little bit of a better test drive probably tomorrow or Monday.

Also I still am in love with my Avon lip stain. I do it's such a gorgeous color on me. However I want more colors and more lasting power. I need Henna King lip stain. This stuff looks like it packs just the kind of punch I want and that cherry red looks delicious. I have to have a stain that can withstand my multiple applications of lip gloss/balm.

Okay I think that's all. It's meds and bed time. Actually meds bath and then bed time.


Homo Out.

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