Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rambling Shannons never walk straight.

I have had a very nice day today. I got some sleep (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!), watched an amazing Pride fight between two incredible athletes. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (one of my favorites he's incredible) and Fedor Emelianenko. There is something that awes me about that kind of athleticism and men that big who move that fast. I watched the whole event but that fight absolutely stood out as a huge one in MMA circles.

Then I lolled around a bit. A favorite hobby picked up from felines everywhere. Then I doodled about playing with photoshop for awhile. Then Uniballer and I decided we were hungry and had intended to go to The Keg because I haven't been to one in about 15 years and he's never been. Unfortunately between the two of us we missed the bus.

So we walked to a newer place called The Elliot Bay Brewery I am not huge into beer so I wasn't really enthused about going however I am into hamburgers. I LOVE a fantastic beefy burger of goodness and the one I had was perfect. The Bleu and Bacon. Blue cheese and bacon with their special pub sauce, lettuce, tomato. Fantastic. The burger was still pink in the middle just the way I like it and their seasoned fries are actually seasoned and not just too salty.

I also stepped way out of my comfort zone and tried a little buffalo. It was beefy and tasty.

However the highlight of the night was their stout chocolate cake with home made raspberry sauce. OMFG. Mouthgasm. I needed a change of pants it was that good. If you hit that place take your appetite. Lovely servers. The lady who took our dessert order looked and sounded like Karen from Will and Grace and I wanted to bring her home and gossip with her. Seriously.

Now I am sitting deep conditioning my hair and looking gangster in the knit cap the lovely Sarah Katharine Lewis sent. This thing is SO handy just perfect size for my deep conditioning. So here fotographic evidence of my gangster-ness. And yes I look a little crazy:


Also to further screw my goth street cred I am listening to Justin Timberlake and enjoying it. It makes my bottom area wiggle.

OH also I finally found new talons for my eyes.

Not exactly what I wanted but whatever. I figure once I'm gauged up to about 10 I can get my fabulous black acrylic talons. Or maybe get spendy and buy something custom or bone.

My next piercing related mission will be to find a new labret. A much harder job because I'm super picky. I may get a fancy talon for going out but I want a new every day ring.

Okay I have had enough of Mr. Timberlake. Joan Osbone who is sex on crackers.

Also oh WOW HotRod Voodoo has some really fantastic stuff in right now. Check out some of their new socks. I am all over that. Although my fabulous wardrobe plans have to be shelved because of a refund snafu that means that money goes for bills rather than goodies.

Story of my damn life.

So that means more thrifty and less spendy but that's fine. I'm good at thrifty.

OH new blog find for those of you who enjoy teh sexy time blogs. Always Aroused Girl is a good one. I have added her feed to my eleventy other ones. I so *HEART* my google reader it's just not even funny.

Ah and a semi recent photo I did of some green eyeshadow I did on myself. Rather redid for the photo, after a very long day at work.


I was also (pre-long day at work) wearing a clinique light pink lipstick under some slightly darker pink gloss and it was teh SEXAH.

Okay I'm gonna go shower and lay down the chocolate cake is killing me here.

Homo Out.

PS..I am still figuring out how to use my digicam. Sad isn't it? It is not coming easily so my whole picture posting/taking thing is just getting delayed. I am working on it though.

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Andy said...

I LOVE YOU...even though you ate a buffalo...

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