Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Fashion.

Okay so I was going to post this yesterday but got distracted.

Fair warning this is going to be hella image heavy.

Now let's start shall we?

No Srsly. I mostly want the stripey thigh highs and the stripey shirt. I don't know what it is, I fucking LOVE that shirt like hell.

These are mostly Target shirts and I am impressed. And YEAH I know goth much? Shut up. I am actually that goth.

Shoes, yes I know I have a problem. But look at those leopard wellies how cute would that be with a fluffy skirt? SO CUTE.

Dresses. I really love loose-ish dresses and I'm loving the whole a-line tunic dress thing. Rly. And yes a few UBER Gawth things for good measure.

This one is misc stuff. That first plaid thingy is a bum flap in case you're wondering. A bum flap I would wear with skinny jeans and a long black tank, hoody for warmth. I work in an air conditioned environment and get really cold.

I also have my eye on some fabulous platform sandals that I can't take a picture of. I also really want a dress like that Dickie's waitress style dress and WHY does nobody make them in plus sizes right now? What the hell?

Not pink but come ON man.

I also want some of the new Lippy but ALAS they have failed me yet again in the sizing department. I also want to invest in some Malco Modes Pettis why? Because they are fluffy and I dig them.

I know some of you are wondering, what the hell woman you're almost 31 years old. To which I respond, yes I am. And I have decided to stop fighting my love of the strange, costumy, occasionally gaudy, and sometimes downright fucking ridiculous clothing.

Fuck it I can dress crazy if I goddamn well want to.

On that note I am developing an obsession with little fancy hats. Like the kind RivkahsMom makes. Dude she's local. Matter of fact I believe I may have chatted with her at SeaGoth once upon a time. This is once instance that I fight my love the fancy and sparkly. Mainly because in what universe would I actually wear one?

Granted if I went out more I could probably (okay I totally could) talk myself into wearing one of those hats but really I don't wear hats that much. I have one hat (a cute bucket hat from a long ago Torrid line) that wear regularly. I'm wearing it right now actually.

I also am having some kind of hard on for silly punk accessories. See the bondage belt and bullet belt above. And the fact that I found places where I could get both made big enough to sit right on my hips the way I like em gives me a tingle in my pink area.

Yes I still love clothes that jingle.

There was a time when I had so many pieces of clothing with bondage straps, loops, d-rings etc that my laundry always jangled and clicked in the dryer. Really almost my entire wardrobe had chains and other clinky metal bits on it. That says a lot no?

And that wasn't even like five years ago.

I also really would like some more long sweater coats but I find it hard to find ones I approve of. As in they don't offend my tender goth sensibilities.

Okay I'm spent I am still really exhausted and am having some serious joint/back pain and I do not want. The back pain is really what's taking it out of me and I am not at all excited about that.

Homo Out.


DavitaCuttita said...

Hi Nudiemuse,

I totally agree with you on the waitress dress (well almost, I like the pink). It is teh hotness! And those deli-shoo-us leggings/stockings. Mm-mn.

But one thing I really wanted to say is that you've inspired me to join cosmic forces with a friend and start our own blog. I hope it's OK if we link to your awesomeness; if not please lemme know. Peace! ^_^


Nudiemuse said...

Welcome and you can link me to your hearts delight :)

YAY another convert to blogging. It's addictive.

But less bad aftertaste than say crack.

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