Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are you serious?

Okay links and whatnots.

Female Genital Mutilation is not fucking funny
. The tone of the remark there at Jezebel (heehee her cooter is sewn up) makes me fucking ill. Shit like that is why I tend to not read Jezebel unless it's something linked from another site. What the fuck?

Rio and Thoughtracer both posted interesting entries about fat hate. My own experiences with fat hate have been strange and varied.

Awhile back I left one of my favorite online community because I got very tired of seeing fat hate excused. A few gems:

Generally I find obese people to be gross. A majority of them smell, and listening to them try and breathe between the cheetos and big mack they are shoveling in is irritating.

a few weeks ago i found a few blogs about the 'fat acceptance movement', although i could totally relate to what these people have experienced (having seen it all first hand myself) i couldn't help but laugh at these poor folks, fighting for acceptance they'll never get. life's just better when you're thin, it just is. people are shallow idiots. (including me.)

Neither of those comments was refuted, questioned or anything by people I had previously considered intelligent. The general assumption was the following:

A.) Fat people are gross.
B.) If you are fat and not "doing something" about it, you are morally questionable and apparently a drain on society.

What did I do?

I left. Quite honestly I couldn't be arsed to deal with people who hold views that are so absurd. There was an absolute prevailing attitude that if you're "hot" you can say whatever you please. The idea that while you might have funny colored hair, lots of body mods and dress funny oh HAY you can't/shouldn't be made fun of or talked about but if you're fat you're fair game? Are you fucking serious?

That is absolute bullshit. That whole discussion and several others and I was done. As with things that have to do with race I don't always feel like being the educator.

There are times when even I your own rantylicious darling just have to shake my head and move on.

I am a member of another online community that sometimes I feel the same way about. however there it's not fat but it's other things. Homophobia, constant strange racial ideas that just baffle me. However it's not quite as overwhelming as the other forum and most of the time I can look past it because there is information there that is important to me.

I bring it up because I am finally learning to choose my venues when it comes to taking a strong stand.

There was a time not too long ago that I would bang a drum holler and freak out on people any and everywhere. Not so astonishingly in some venues, no matter how loud you holler you are not going to be heard. A lesson I've learned.

Moving on.

I was cruising TheAdvocate website earlier and found some cool links.

I found GodandSexuality which is an academic conference and though I'm not all that religious nor an academic I really love that this exists. It makes me think of a friend of mine from way back who I had never seen so happy as when he found a church (Christian sort of church) that not only embraced him but he found community, family, friends, love and a place to commune with God. And isn't that last bit kinda the point of going to/finding church?

I also found a website that explores Feminist Sexual Ethics in Judaism, Muslim, Christianity. That is pretty damn cool if you're into that sort of thing.

Now other things.

I really think I might invest in an EZ Braider. Being that I still suck at braiding I would like to rock some microbraids for awhile however, my practice is telling me that it's going to take a long time before I try doing my own whole head.

Also let me just say that my hair feels like the hot sex right now and I want to lay in bed stroking it.

I'm also eating some really tasty red miso. I have a funny way of eating my miso, after I mix it I let it sit for a few minutes then, I use a fork to swirl the soup and scoop out random bits of deliciousness. Then I sip the tasty liquid until it's gone.

And ok now I"m done I have been working on a project all day and my brain is about to melt.

Later taters.

Homo Out.

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