Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Black Beauty.

More beauty my darlings.

Ooookay so I've been test driving Happy Minerals oil control primer powder. I will say honestly I was a little skeptical however it has impressed me quite a bit.

First of all unlike a lot of small company minerals that I have tried the primer though stark white in color does not show up ashy at all on my face. In fact I would probably wear just it with a little other powder if I felt like it. Very impressive. I discovered that instead of putting it on with my fluffy face brush like this, I use a flocked type puff (the one that came with my Covergirl Compact) to put it on. I found that I get a more even type of coverage and I'm able to use a tiny bit extra in needed spots.

Now combined with my BE Bare minerals foundation in a mix of deep/deepest deep, and a good solid dusting with my new Sheer Cover brush (which by the way I wouldn't use to apply foundation) of my Fyrinnae oil control finishing powder and BAM skin looks like hot motherfucking brown sex. I still have to say that bar none the Fyrinnae powder is in the top five of loose powders I have ever used.

I know I keep beating this Fyrinnae drum but damn it I LOVE their products. Sadly the mineral foundation sample I got from them was way too dark however I will be buying more until I find my shade. I love them. They are sorta local and I would totally show up on their doorstep, make up less and let them experiment on me. Matter of fact when their site opens back up for shopping I am going to pick up some new shadows.

Moving on. I have also decided that I need a good full coverage lipstick in a classic brick red. Preferably on the darker end. And since it's almost my birthday I am tempted to splurge on something high end from Sephora so I can get my birthday bubbles too. Another reason to sign up for shit. I made an account there and I get free bubbles with any purchase. So I could buy an 8$ mascara and still get my fabulous bubbles.

I will tell you the truth I am a total whore with this sort of thing. I sign up for pretty much all the cosmetic companies I like, I get their newsletters and whatnots and I have a butt ton of samples sitting on my desk for that reason. It's fun and getting samples in the mail is good.

What else?

Also I am really about ready to start turning tricks for some thigh high socks that will be actually thigh high on my fat hams. This is Sock Dreams comment on "plus sized"

Plus sized: this is generally a larger version of the industry standard "one size" and is, unless otherwise stated, 1X. If you are a very large girl or man it may not cover you or your friends and for that we are sorry, we try very hard to stock larger sizes whenever possible, but you may want to seek a site or store that specializes in your special range.

So yeah in other words too bad so sad fat girl you don't get cool socks.

Ugh. I am so irritated I had to stop, write an entry for Fatshionista and now I'll wait to see if it gets posted. I'll link it when/if it does.

Victory here it is.

So yeah. I still want my damn socks.

And I'm spent.

Homo out.

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