Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's play Bingo.

Okay as promised yesterday here is my thing. First of all to play along here and get what I'm talking about open this image in another window or tab. And follow along.

Edit- AHAHAHAHA mother fucker I forgot to upload the graphic. This is what I get for sleeping for 90 minutes last night/this morning. I r smrt.

Now you'll see I renamed the graphic to jackhole (fuck sake that was a lot of effort.) don't say these things. And I've bingo daubed everything that I have had said to my face. So here's how we're going to play. Look at the bingo square, note what it says and what I'm going to say about why I do not want to hear any variant of these things out of anyones mouth anytime soon.

If you find yourself daubing along and you come up with more than (I'm exhausted and feel poopy so I'll be generous) say five squares that you have said to people. Feel free to jump up. yell BINGO! Then slap yourself. 5-10 squares a slap and a wedgie. More than ten and just go ahead and punch yourself in the neck.

First up the ever popular-

"Welfare is just a handout/welfare queen/etc"

Okay. First of all before you decide to spout off with all your learnings about welfare (and this applies to more than black folks) take a minute. Have you ever been extremely, really poor and had children at the time? Also while you're at it, think about being that poor, trying to feed your kid(s), and bonus prize having to bear the brunt of the frustration from the people who are supposed to be helping you and seemingly everyone else.

Then imagine that exponentially, all your family members have gone through/are going through this. Imagine standing in line at the grocery store (I have witnessed this with my own two eyes, in "polite" society) you're trying to pay for your milk, ramens and baby food with your foodstamps and someone behind you, says audibly "lazy welfare nigger".

Maybe you have a baby and an upright age child. While you're trying not to cry, and get your food paid for what do you tell your child who asks, "Mommy was he talking to you?"

Now, look me in my face (and I will promise you have no idea if I've ever been through any of the above) and tell me welfare is just a hand out for lazy people.

Fuck you in your fucking ear.

Next square.

"Believes that white males are oppressed"

Story time. Here in Polite and "liberal" Seattle, on the bus maybe two or three months ago. A white man hears a youngish black girl talking on her cell phone excitedly about being accepted to Morehouse. Girl gets off of the bus, man snorts turns to his buddy in the seat next to him and says,

"Oh and I'll bet she gets a scholarship too." His tone was very snide, and very bitter and plain rude. his friend snorted back.

They then proceeded to have a very loud conversation about how they had it so hard, how (they didn't specify race but they did look pointedly at the black folks on the bus) some "guy" took his job, the other one about how many of "them" were working at some place now.

They go on to talk about at great length how hard it is for white guys to get a fair shake, if it's not women going for their balls it's "them" taking "their" jobs, taking their women, and apparently running the whole world.

Someone close to them pointed out that the vast majority of people in power are rich white men who don't give a fuck about either one of them. They huffed and puffed, cited (DOUBLE SQUARE BONUS) the evils of Affirmative Action and how that has effectively ruined the whole company, the whole work force and the lives of white men everywhere.

So (lucky me) 40 minutes or so later, when it was pretty much just them and me on the bus. They started talking about how "they" with frequent pointed long looks at me when they said "they" have pretty much fucked up the right order of the world. Then they ring the bell for my stop. At that moment despite being exhausted from my day, I had to think bout whether or not I wanted to have to walk an extra quarter of a mile because those men, were putting off menacing vibes or if I wanted to not do that.

I might have bigger balls than I do brains but I got off at my stop and when they loudly made some other jack ass statement and turned to look at me (they were ahead of me on the sidewalk by then) I stood there, not blinking, not moving. I shook my head, said "goodnight gentlemen" and walked the rest of the way home.

Draw your own conclusion there.

Next square+bonus squares:


Okay, super um, what's one more than a trifecta? I am seriously operating on 90 minutes of sleep and I am feeling seriously fucking crazy today so yeah.

Actually my darlings you will have to wait for another installment because I am exhausted and trying to write and code at the same time has sapped whatever ability to brain I that I have.

I have new links (YAY to put up). Mostly promoting someone I really dig and who I think you should dig too. As well as get rid of some permalinks and add some new ones because the things I like have changed.

If you want to read some of my fiction you can here at Wretched and Violent. An oldie but one I enjoyed writing.

And if you like reading about gay men having some violent kind of knife weilding butt sex another oldie but goody here. I had forgotten all about that until Uniballer showed me just now that it's still up.

I need to write more porn.

And I'm spent.

Also let's hope I get more than 90 minutes of sleep otherwise I will be an insane cranky fucker tomorrow.

Homo Out.


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DavitaCuttita said...

Oh, hooray!! I am soooo happy you took on the now infamous Bingo Card.

That post was better than panties.

For the record, I'm really proud of how you handled those racist guys--so classy. I know for a fact if it were me; my ass would be barkin', cussin' and wildin' as if I were at a DMX concert.

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