Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No really.

While I wait for the drugs to kick in and my dinner I have some things to share.

If I sneeze/cough on my monitor one more fucking time I am going to stab myself in the left nostril.

Also someone needs to buy me a shitload of Angus Oblong artwork especially the fuck plate.

And why the fuck is it when I do actually wear underwear for once they are yanking my pubes in a way that's contributing to my homicidal mood?

Um random links time now.

Coloring Book Land. Do not click that if you have a delicate sense of humour or are easily offended. Suffice it to say I giggled a lot.

Real Ultimate Power yo. Real fucking ninjas. Despite my Pirate Loli nattering earlier I love ninjas. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

An article from somebody that works in the Psych ward The Murse. As a frequent rider of public transportation I have seen the crazy, unfortunately I don't carry drugs in blowdarts to keep it away from me. Again if you've got the tender sensibilities don't click that one.

I also want this shirt from Shitley's. Yes it says Shitley's. The striped shirt thing here cracked me up. Those are the kind of boys I like, who have that kind of humour and can see the douchebags among them.

Seriously you have to have a pretty cutting sense of humour to roll with me boys.

It also helps if you bring lesbians who I will put my boobs on. Just saying.

Also a classic I've loved for awhile. Read the hate mail for Modern Drunkard Magazine. Pretty fucking funny MOTHER FUCKER I just snotted all over my fucking monitor again.

Also can I just say that if you are not snotting/sneezing/coughing/farting all at the same time right now I probably kind of hate you a little.

For something nicer and less drinking/saying fuck related this is a nice piece by Scott Duhamel. Tasty.

As per usual Cherry Bleeds is the fucking poop. I still have not grown sufficient vitals to actually submit to them. Or to just let it go.

I may actually pony up the dollars and enter their literary contest. I dunno yet.

Oh yay drugs and food.

Homo Out.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I read all of Coloring Book Land.

I expect I will be scarred emotionally.


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