Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh pretty pretty.

Okay I am tired of being uber serious so I'm talking beauty, shoes and fancy pants.

First of all let's discuss some beauty shall we? I'm still learning how to take photos of my make up. It is way harder than you'd think. I don't know why.

Also I don't know if I've talked about this here but I'm stretching my ears to a bigger gauge. Oh and I warn you now there is some photo action happening today. For those who don't know much about body mod I will show you. I stole the picture below from wiki, I am right now wearing 14 gauge talons in my ears.


Hopefully by the end of the year because I am going super slow because I am DIY'ing it, I will be at 8 and there my ears shall stay.

I have small earlobes, small ears and a not super long neck which all factored into my decision to stop at 8 rather than say 0. Now my final jewelry selection is really up in the air. Until I get to 8 I will probably continue with plain stainless talons. I am thinking I want something like this. I think glass spirals like that are very elegant.

I think after my ear stretch (or maybe during) the only other piercing I'm going to get is my nose. I've had others aside from the labret I have and I'm not into them so much.

I am far more into tattoos and I have my eye on some Clive Barker drawings as inspiration. My next tattoo is either going to be a Barker based memorial piece or maybe get my Egyptian symbolism based back piece I've been having wet dreams about since I was probably about 9 when I first discovered really great tattoos.

By the time I'm old and more crotchety I'm going to be very inked. I have a few specific people I want to get pieces from. One a guy I went to high school with who's always been a very talented artist and I'm kind of pissed at myself for not getting something from him before he went off to Cali.

To explain how into tattoos I am and have been, the first tattoos I saw and loved I was around 8-9 and we had some bikers move in next door. This man named Kelly, his Old Lady and occasionally some of his sons. And I loved Kelly on first sight. He was really huge (to me at the time I was wee tiny), had this long reddish blond hair he wore in braids, and he often wore a Viking helmet. He often picked me up by the shirt held me aloft over his head and snarled at me and I LOVED him.

I loved him the way only little girls can instantly and entirely love someone. I loved his wife too but to a slightly lesser degree although I did tell them that I would marry them both when I grew up. Along with a super cool motorcycle, fabulous hair and a Viking Helmet, Kelly had awesome tattoos. Portraits of his woman and his sons, script, regular FTW biker tats, he showed probably as many as were appropriate to me.

After that I read about tattoos, I stopped anyone I saw who had tattoos and would ask them about their ink. I paid close attention. In high school I had a penpal in Hawaii who was a tattoo artist. I used a fake ID to buy tattoo magazines. I wrote my senior year economics paper on owning a tattoo and piercing shop.

I fucking love tattoos.

Now being that I love tattoos so much you'd think I'd be riddled with them already. However I love them so much that my choice of artist is paramount to me. When I started going around to shops here in Seatown I sat in Vyvyn Lazonga's shop and I remember thinking first that her work was better than what I'd seen in the magazines. Second that there was no way I could afford for her to tattoo a dot on me much less a big piece and third, how nice the people in the shop were even though I never spent a dime in there.

I went around to a lot of shops locally and some I thought immediately I will never let anyone in this shop touch me, muchless with a needle. Others I felt good about. Then I had to decide on a design which took me probably two years and a lot of dicking around in photoshop.

I finally came up with my design, a very simple infinity symbol and the words "The Infinite Soul". And I got me a tramp stamp one night before work at Fenix Tattoo. The entire reason I got it there was because when I went in to have my design looked at and priced, while I was waiting a whole family got pierced together. A pre-teen aged daughter got her ears pierced, Moms got her belly button done, Dad got his ear done.

They were tourists and waiting to go on the Underground tour, I watched how they were treated and I loved it. The daughter was too scared so her parents volunteered to go first and the staff was all very cool and had (okay I know I sound like a hippy) a very loving vibe.

I was SOLD American.

How embarrassing but I can't remember the artists name at the moment. He had only been in Seattle for three days and had none of his stuff. He didn't have his chair, or his station set up the way he liked but he was very sweet. He got me kneeling in a chair and made sure to check on me a lot, talk to me. He stopped when I squeaked, not in pain but I was trying really hard not to giggle because he kept hitting a ticklish spot.

He also gave me probably the most awesome compliment ever. He was about half done, and said "your skin takes ink beautifully. You must take care of it." That's stuck with me. This reminds me I need Uniballer to take a good photo of the damn thing.

Anyway he was very gentle, and I skipped to work all high on endorphins.

So here um, 6-7 years later I'm ready to start with some bigger more involved stuff. I'm also at a point where I can save money for the bigguns.

I obsess about the end outcome. I have very specific ideas about placement and style if not actual design and have for years. A really long time ago I actually had (I rarely if ever manage to do this) a drawing I did of an outline of my body and rough ideas about what goes where. It was my like once every blue moon drawing that was actually good.

And I've been thinking that I would really like to find myself an artist for tummy/back fat area tattoos who can deal with and understand the cushion. Who will not do weird things where I have not quite rolls but um, mini rolls? Cinnarolls? Choco-foldy bits?

That bears thinking about. I don't like using language that isn't really what is going on. If I think something sucks I will probably not say, well I sorta kinda don't I will say that sucks.

So a conundrum. Aside from saying something like the fatter area of my back where my waist is and then there's the fat area under that and I look sort of dented. Or I could say back fat and foldy areas.

Forgive me darlings I did not really sleep last night and I digress. I do think it's important to have artists who will be tattooing my fat not be people who cannot understand the shape of my fat body. Sadly I have seen way too many fat people who've gotten tattoos that were ill placed, or placed in a way that where they are at the tattoo itself is too small or does not flow with the body. If that is your aim then rock on with your bad self.

If it's not speak up.

Wow I was totally going to talk about make up but, this is about body mods because I dig them.

It's all very on my mind because I joined Curvy Canvas on LJ recently, there have also been Fatshionista body mod discussions.

Also holy wow I am totally exhausted and feeling spinnily stupid so I'll stop now.

Homo Out.

No wait one make up picture. Me in all my slightly cock eyed glory with pigment fallout intact. And my unicorn pimple.


Now really goodnight.


Lindsay said...

Good luck with the gauging up of the earybits. On one hand: if it hurts, you're doing it wrong. On the other hand: different people have different types of elasticity in their skin. My husband's ears stretch WAY faster than mine, and mine don't seem interested in going beyond a 0g at all. In any case, i'm sticking with 0g because that's where i have the most jewelry. lol.

Olive oil is your friend. Massage it into your ears every now and then, and it will do wonders.

I think my septum piercing is my favorite out of all the ones i've had.

Tattoos are made of win. Indeed. All of mine have stories to tell - otherwise they wouldn't be there.

mnwhr said...

Skin really is the key, especially with tats. Soon after I pledged I got branded but because I didn't know my skin it turned into a nasty keloid that I eventually had to have removed. Since then I haven't had anything done. You're lucky that you have great skin for it.

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