Friday, March 28, 2008

Tagged and it's story time nao.

I was tagged by the oft half nekkid Manwhore to do a meme. ANd here it is as promised.

1) Write your own six-word memoir about yourself.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag five more blogs with links.
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I actually just yesterday did one. It is as follows.

"I was born with The Fury"

Now story time.

Once upon a time a girl named Shannon did a shit load of drugs. A Shit. Load. There are two I have never and will never touch. Crack, aside from the name I hate the way it smells. And Heroin. The latter because I would probably like it way too much.

Crack also because of what happened during the following story.

During my while as a drug tasting insane person I was generally very particular about who I would take drugs from and what drugs I would do. I don't do needles, and I really don't like snorting things. I liked to party and generally speaking hallucinagens, a little E on occasion were more my speed. (HA I MADE TEH FUNNEH).

So years ago I was out partying with my two main Party Fags. Both of them hot leather wearing dirty kind of homos, the kind that I did dirty things with on occasion (dirty naked buttsex things), and I loved to go to parties with them. So we go to this party and for some reason I remember exactly what I was wearing.

Short black satin skirt, my insanely huge foamy bottomed platform summer sandals that were my shopping/walking all day shoes and a fishnet shirt over a too small (boobies spilling out everywhere) black sequined bra a girlfriend had given me even though my boobs were way bigger than hers. I looked hot. Even hotter because I was wearing one of my crazy giant ponytail falls.

We arrive at the house party with lots of other leather wearing, dirty homo types, a few token straight boys, a few lesbians and one straight girl who had no idea what to do or where to look. Everything was fine for awhile, I didn't drink much and still don't so I had my drink and did some dancing. Let some cute punk dyke rub her bald head all in my boobies.

And then, someone gave me a few lines of coke.

I think it was like 2 and a half or something not much at all given how much my friends were doing. At first I was ok and then, there was The Fury.

One of the straight men, you know the type. Slightly skeevy, always has coke and parties with twenty somethings when he's probably closer to fifty something becuse he thinks the bitches will love his car. He told me it was a Vette but, I had myself a real good look and it was a kit not a fucking vette.

I think it was my air of clear disinterest and frequent mocking snark that drew him in. Then once the coke too hold I became outright hostile.

You know in after school specials there's always the one woman who becomes total robo bitch? I was Mother of Robo Bitch. My friends saw it coming though, they were familiar with my aggro tendencies and saw what was going to happen. They tried to distract the guy, tried to distract me but it wasn't to be.

Now I remember this part crystal clear as well and I think it's to serve as an object lesson for me. This is what happened. The skeevy guy was standing near me in the kitchen, he gets closer, I step away.

He touches my ass. I say back the fuck up.

He laughs and tells me I'm cute. Tries to touch my boob. I pick up an actual butcher knife from the sink and tell him very calmly, that I am going to stab him in the fucking heart if he doesn't get away from me.

He panics and starts yelling, people come in. HOmo#1 takes the knife away, Homo#2 picks me up and takes me out. We go back to Homo#1's place and they let me beat on them for awhile.

Later on I hear through the grape vine that skeevy guy had actually fucked around with the wrong girl and got curbed coming out of a party.

This ladies and gents is why I don't do serious stimulants. I am already a mean mother fucker. I will already probably have no problem punching you in the face. Add in the devil leaf there and well, whatever civilized filter I have between The Fury and the rest of the world dissolves and someone gets fucked up.

I will admit that later on I did do coke again and something very similar happened. Although I did actually punch a man right in the adam's apple. I was polite about it though, as my friends kept marveling at. No matter how pissed off I am, I am almost always exceedingly and coldly polite about it. I did warn him twice. I asked him nicely once to leave me alone and well, he got punched for being a cock knocker.

Now one more story about The Fury and aggression. This one has to do with sex not drugs.

I was friends with a boy who has a brother. They are just about ten months apart in age but at the time light years apart in personality. My homie was pretty laid back, decent guy to hang out with.

His brother however, he and I hated each other on sight. That happens sometimes. Matter of fact we were calling each other mother fucker and you fucking bitch within a half hour of meeting. Fast forward about three months, and by then we mostly just didn't speak to each other if we happened to be in the same vicinity.

There was nothing either of us could say to each other that did not end in fuck you or rolling eyes. I believe it was kind of chemical maybe I don't know. I don't even remember what he said exactly that raised my hackles like that.

So one day my friend for some reason got called into work or some such, then his roommates took off and I was stuck at the apartment with the Asshole. And just like in porn we were glaring at each other then BAM we were naked.

Prior to that I had never experienced an actual hate fuck. I had had a few grudge fucks, some hot make up sex, some please don't tell me your last name it will ruin it fucks, some soft core soft focus girl on girl love making, some crazy butch dyke trying to kill me fucks, but never ever an all out I fucking hate you and will fuck you up while I fuck you fuck.

By the time my friend got home the couch was over turned, there was a broken lamp and we were both exhausted, bruised and bleeding a little. My poor friend was in shock and was utterly horrified. At first he thought we had gotten into a fist fight. But then he was more horrified when we made it clear there'd been sexin going on.

The thing that amazed me at the time was that it went on every time we were alone together for a good six months. And we still hated each other. And we were both comfortable with that.

I learned several very important things from that. The most important thing I learned was that then as now, I do not have to feel attached to someone I have sex with. I had by them summarily rejected the notion that you have to love or care for someone to have desire for them and maybe fulfill that desire. I was fine.

Sometimes a fuck is just a fuck.

I also learned then that The Fury was good for more than stabbing coked out skeevy jackasses that get grabby with girls half their age.

And that's all. I still kind of have a migraine and I have cramps. YAY double stabby.

And I am writing something new and it is in my head in a way that can't be avoided.

I'm not tagging anyone specifically but do it then send me a link to tell me.

Homo Out.

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mnwhr said...

I never hit a drug that hyped up the aggression, coke just made my heart beat really fast.
Also you gotta love a good angry fuck.

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