Monday, March 24, 2008



Don't front you know you've had days like that. You know the days when you are likely to snatch someone bald if they touch your cookie.

Seriously you know you have.

You can tell me I don't mind.

Also if the world was fair I'd have the time and money to haul it down to Portland for KinkFest.

And if you'd like to buy me a kick ass present that might mean you get naked booby pictures you could always get me a gift membership to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

I know I'm set on random right now. I'm tired, have slightly low blood sugar and I wanna go home.

Other things?

I spent some time editing some porn I wrote about this pre-op transwoman I had a MAD crush on. I will probably post it in my lj at some point for archival purposes. She is (Tuff where ever you are, I miss seeing you around teh intertubes baby) hot. hot like gorgeous long legs and brown skin and lusciousness.

Also I have a wee bit more work on the poetry book then I am going to pimp it until you're all tired of hearing about it. I still have to make some banners/small graphics. Then Lulu here I come.

And to wrap things up (no really) how about a looksy at what I've been listening to this week? If you use you should totally be my friend.

Okay homo really out.

PS WTF is wrong with google today? I can't find anything I'm looking for.

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