Monday, March 10, 2008

This is going to get random.

I have the flu so don't expect that I'll be coherent mmkay?

So, I've been doing the shopping because that's what I like to do for my birthday. I got some really FANTAAAAAAAAAASTIC ubergoth stuff. Lots of photos today. None of me.

First up I got (at a spectacular price I might add) from an ebay seller named SpookyKisses, the uber goth Eternal Love Morgaine skirt. SpookyKisses has a pretty good selection of stuff and a few pages of lower end (size wise) plus size items for my fellow darkity dark dark types.

Also on the Ebay I FINALLY found a pair of plain black bootcut pants. I know right? Why was it so hard?

Not a great picture I snagged it from the auction and I'll take a better one when they get here. They are from Torrid of course. Speaking of Torrid I was really disappointed with their big sale yet again. Not one of the items I really wanted was available in my size. Looks like if I'm going to have a few particular pieces it'll have to be full price :(

I also picked up a pixie hem tunic that I can't find a picture of. How much you say? 39.99$ all together. Not bad.

OH I also hit Hot Topic and cruised their sale shoes and picked up the cutest mary janes.

So cute. Yes those are handcuffs. I got those for 10.99. Also I picked up some black with red athletic type stripe tube socks because we all know I am a cute sock whore. And a little black and red eyeshadow/liner pot. Hotness.

I almost bought these:

buuuut yeah. I really have my doubts that they'd fit and that company is so goddamn skeevy I just couldn't do it. So unless I magically absorb the ability to knit (my last attempt to learn how to knit resulted in me throwing needles, yarn, book across the room and bursting into tears) I will go without thigh high socks.

According to a poster from Fatshionista sometime after my unhappy post about thigh high socks, apparently it's not that they don't want to sell to us fat hammed folks but that nobody makes socks with a bigger top circumference of 23". And they have said they are going to have something that stretches to 26 by the fall.

Call me a cynic but I'm not holding my breath.

Or maybe I'm just that cranky. Actually yes I am.

Unfortunately I have no problem with knee socks in general. My calves are a little beefy but not real big. However I do and have always at almost every weight have/had big hams. Even at a size 5 I had some big ole muscly thighs. I've always had issues with things fitting around my ham.

Um what else?

OH I also went ahead and got two little things from Sephora so I could get my free big pimping bubbles too. I got a red lipstick and an empty portable sifter jar for my powder since the fucking BE one was 25$ goddamn dollars. Yeah no not gonna happen.

Also can I just admit right now that I fucking LOVE that Fleetwood Mac song Tusk. No Srsly I do. I can also admit that I went through a phase where I dressed like the bastard child of Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper and probably death. No srsly. I did really and screw you I was hot in my fluttering layers of insanity and gauzy black.

I have to admit I'm having some real serious want to explore my more KinderWhore side. Probably with an infusion of Punk and or Pirate Loli. Yes that means I still have a total girl crush on Kate Bjelland.

Also part of this stems from my t to rock a look where in I look cute, yes loli ahh kawaii etc, but yeah like I'll fucking stab you in the neck. I feel that way most of the time however, expressing it visually is difficult because what always comes to mind is a doll with a butcher knife.

I know I know at least somebody is out there thinking, "Shannon really what the fuck is wrong with you?" I dunno man. I has a vision what can I say.

My head is so full of snot and disgruntlement that I can hardly think. I really should not have come to work today. I have a problem with that. I tend to not really acknowledge how sick I may or may not be. thus winding up sicker than i probably would've been. I will probably stay home tomorrow.

You can see my typing is degenerating.

And um.

Oh YAY Oro, Mr. Oro and the brand new (and still with that shiny baby smell( The Chieftain are well.

For fuck sake man I am running on fumes and rancor right now.

And to close out this is why I love my Cookie. Only she can say things like this to me and make me laugh so hard I fart. Cookie on my fashion sense lately-

What is your problem? Did you fall in some anime geek vortex that sucked out your fashion sense?

with that homo out.

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