Monday, March 31, 2008

Ya think?

I stole this from elsewhere on the Fatosphere and yeah you think?

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Meanwhile it's 10 in the morning and I am awake doing laundry because at the super fantastic (did you get a shiver of sarcasm there) apartment building I live in this is usually the only time of day I can get to a fucking washer and/or dryer.

So it's way early and I am way cranky.

However I spent most of my weekend making myself feel pretty. I gave myself a facial, waxed my eyebrows, gave myself a (stinky, Ojon is not made of win) hair treatment and exfoliated the HELL out of my epidermis from the neck down. My ass feels like velvet.

As much as I am not a morning person it is nice to have Uniballer making breakfast and handing me coffee.

And now a video that in a few short Foamy seconds pretty much describes my trip to Size/Fat/Body/Booty Acceptance. If hearing the fbomb makes you feel bad don't watch it.

The part of Foamy the Squirrel was played by probably my raging Super Ego, the part of the at the start whiner about the ass of fat played by my wanting to fit in with my homies Id. Yeah I totally just hit you with some Freud right there.

I did something fairly out of character yesterday and bought a hot ass Lip Service for Torrid dress. It cost 36 goddamn dollars and I am going to wear the hell out of it. I will probably have to alter it but I don't care. It's so rare anymore to find Lip Service for Torrid items I snatched it up.

Cookie wasn't hot about it but, this once my immediate feeling of WANT IT NOW took over.

Another word about Fatshionista, I don't think I said so specifically but, I was considering leaving the community. I felt like the size debate was coming again and frankly, as someone who's yes at the small end of fat I am really tired of that. There was a long discussion about what should go into an Outfit of the Day post (where you show what you're wearing/going to wear) and some comments I saw woke questions I've had before.

If you are someone like me who's short and has a tendency to not "look" fat are you not supposed to participate? Anytime the issue has come up before it's made abundantly clear that there's no fat purity test but, isn't there? When gradually the sentiment of "well you're not as fat as me and it makes me sad/uncomfortable etc to see your pictures" creeps up why bother having rules that are inclusive?

Also the sentiment that some types of clothes are not "fatshion" enough. WTF? Seriously? Is a community supposedly full of diverse people deciding that no, what you're wearing is not fatshionable enough or whatever to be posted? In my earlier entry about Fatshionista I still do enjoy the community but, you can think and speak critically of something you love.

Essentially my big problem lately is that if you have a rule like this (directly quoted from the community info located here)

4. There is no purity test for membership. One does not have to be a certain size or of a certain political persuasion to post or comment here. Apolitical and nonactivist folks are welcome, so long as they are respectful of and comfortable with the fact that this community places a heavy value on many issues beyond the barest aesethetics of fashion. The aesthetics are important indeed, but they are not always the terminus of our conversations in [info]fatshionista. This is what makes us unique

Enforce it. Reinforce it. Make it known.

I was there for the original conversation here, and come ON man. Clearly it needs to keep happening.

All that being said I did decide that I will probably not participate in the OOTD's even though Uniballer said he would take pictures. Why? Because frankly I don't want to have the conversation I just linked to again. Also, I don't care to be snarked and I probably would because a.) I don't really accessorize b.) I wear all black almost all the time. Granted it would probably be funny to get snarked because there is nothing anyone could come up with that I probably haven't heard forty times before. But because, I would probably not get to see it.

What I mean by that last bit is that I am not a member of any of the specific fat snark communities on LJ because they aren't really all that interesting to me.

I will still comment when I dig things because I enjoy it. I might occasionally post sans photos. But yeah. I finally made up my goddamn mind about it.

I will take Outfit photos when I remember to make Uniballer do it.

I am also searching dear fatosphere for more online areas LJ is probably best where it's okay if you're a pervert, it's okay if you like posting and/or looking at boobs without wank. Meh. Actually I don't believe there is a wank free space on the internet.

Someone will always have fit about something so fuck it.

Now for some confessions.

Yes I am gothity goth goth goth but I will admit I don't really get the whole steampunk thing.

I am also not emotionally invested in the presidential race. That's not to say I'm not interested but I do not squee over pictures of Obama in where ever in shorts, nor do I go into fits of rage when I see Madam Clinton on the tee vee. I really don't.

I also find it grating when people expect either of those things from me.

I recently quit reading a bunch of feminist blogs because they infuriated me entirely and it wasn't worth the blood pressure rise.

I decided if I can't identify in any way and it's not interesting to me it's not worth my time.

I finally used the clippers and buzzed my winter fur from my legs. There was way less of it in the bottom of the tub when I was done than I thought there would be and I was really vastly disappointed. I really thought my legs were hairier than that after 4+months of no shaving.

I was equally sad when I trimmed my pubes and discovered my bald spot is bigger. WTF? The hair on my head is growing in all luxurious and whatnot (check a few entries back I DARE you to say my hair ain't luxurious when you know it is bitch) now why aren't my pubes? I am very sad about that.


I cut all my nails off yesterday and it kind of made me want to fuck a hot chick. Ok more than kind of.

Now my laundry is dry, I am going to go wash my face, put make up on and look hot while being a tired cranky little fucker.

Homo Out.



DavitaCuttita said...

"recently quit reading a bunch of feminist blogs because they infuriated me entirely and it wasn't worth the blood pressure rise.

I decided if I can't identify in any way and it's not interesting to me it's not worth my time."

*Clappity-clap-clap*. Hip-hop hooray! I hope you find that this is better than panties...because it is.

Nudiemuse said...

Soo much better than panties I am totally not wearing any. :*

mnwhr said...

It's kinda funny how most folks are all for diversity of ideas, as long as it's diversity of ideas they like. Life is too short to deal with that bullshit.

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