Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aaaaaaaaaaand again.

New product review my darlings.

I picked up (total impulse buy) a now discontinued L'Oreal H.I.P Pure Pigment shadow stick in Exquisite. Okay first of all the swatch on the page is entirely misleading and not really representative of the color. It's far more of a metallic blinging bronzy gold.

When I got it a couple of months ago I swatched it on my hand and the color is FABULOUS.

Bright, gorgeous fantastic.

So this morning I decided to copy this look from a cutie on Youtube.

The pigment stick does not play well with the Fyrinnae primer at all. This is the first time I've had this happen. So my look got way modified.

The pigment stick didn't adhere to the primer at all and I kept having to wipe it off to get a even fairly decent color deposit. -4 points there because as oily as my skin is I have to use primer or my shadow disappears in a couple of hours.

So I dug into my train case and Fyrinnae to the rescue for some bling I picked up my Fyrinnae Fools gold, which they don't carry anymore. It's a true gold that is pretty sheer dry and super super sparkly. After I finally got enough of the pigment stick on I sort of dabbed the gold from lashes to brow bone.

To keep a little closer to the inspiration I used Mac pigment in Fuschia under my eye in a long exaggerated cat eye, added a very thin long cat eye black liquid liner on top. Finished with buttloads of mascara and my favorite trick for a really dark black waterline.

the waterline is the rim above your lower lashes. I took my handy Karma black eyeliner (which is really the only liner I can get to stay on my waterline without running) and dipped it into my H.I.P cream eyeliner in black. After getting a bit on the pencil I ran that across my waterline for a very bold black line. I connected it to the outside corner of my eye but not all the way out the line of the fuschia and liquid liner.

Very bright. More so than I was going for but it was cute. I finished with some random dark pink gloss and out the door we went.

All in all I'm not really that impressed with the whole H.I.P line. I think it's over priced for the dodgy quality. One product is fantastic, the next one is eh. Granted some of the colors are fabulous and have an great payoff but, I still wouldn't pay full price except for the cream eyeliners.

The cream eyeliners are fucking fantastic.

At this point I feel like I'd rather shop AromaLeigh or Fyrinnae and feel all spoiled because that shit is handmade and fabulous.

All right. Now for the photographic evidence no?

First up a two eye view. Yes, my left eye is totally bigger than my right and it makes me look cock eyed. I am not actually cock eyed.

Gold and pink

Close up.


Notice the wee trail of pink in my under eye there. My eye seriously watered just a tiny bit right before I snapped ze foto.

I will say that the recalcitrant combo of the Fyrinnae base and the H.I.P pigment thingy did not crease all day. I was very impressed. I should've taken a picture before I washed my hair but, it still looked good after Uniballer and I returned home after our walk about/errand running.

As you can see I have done nothing with the template here as I keep bitching about. Fact is I am lazy.

OH I also just did my first steam treatment on my hair and holy SHIT it's fucking huge.

My hair feels amazing and so soft. Like baby hair. However like baby hair is prone to do it is going insane and I'm not really sure what to do with it.

Photos or it didn't happen right?

big hair

big hair

After a wash my hair isn't generally quite so fluffy and uh just fluffy.

Although the four perfect little curls I have in my hair are lovely. If all my hair had that texture I would probably pee myself in joy. However it doesn't. That doesn't make me want to pee in joy but it is still purdy.

So I'm sitting here topless in jammy pants stolen from the hospital, with huge hair and I'm very tired. I still haven't slept but we got a lot done today.

Okay that's really all. You have pictures and a product review.

Now um..yeah.

Homo Out.


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