Monday, April 21, 2008

And more ruminations.

Since I've joined DA I've been doing a lot of looking around at art.

One thing that I find annoying is a certain angle in almost all the less arty more porny nudes.

It is the ass shot. Not just the ass shot because frankly I like naked ass but, it's the getting the model so her buttcheeks look like flattened sideways parenthesis, and there is a space that looks often big enough to jam your hand through between buttcheeks, crotch and upper thighs.

I know that there are many MANY nudie models who are just that thin however, I think this angle is just so weird I don't care to look at it. I dig looking at naked ass, I dig looking at naked lady parts but something about that angle squicks me out in a weird way I can't quite pin down.

I have a particular interest in edgy fetish photography and always have. And while cruising the fetish tag I keep seeing this angle. And I know how the angle is achieved, stand up with your feet positioned so (if possible, not real possible for me since I has big hams) your thighs barely touch, tilt your pelvis backwards, butt upwards and lean your torso forward. You may or may not have to hold your buttcheeks in a certain position. There you have it.

There is something profoundly disappointing for me in the area of fetish art. I think I've talked about it before but, it seems to me that fetish art is missing the vital and exciting part of more of the people who are actually into it. Despite what fetish oriented media might have you believe not all of those into the S&M and other fetishes are tall thin white women.

Frankly the constancy of these couple of looks is boring to me. Quite frankly I'd give a picture of my left tit for some pubes, some imperfections etc. As I was just saying to Uniballer-

Probably 90% of the "fetish" art I have seen in the last few years the physical standards except tats and whatnot, are pretty much exactly the same as regular porn.

It strikes me that something that is not supposed to be (at least ideologically) plugged into the mainstream still is mainlining the mainstream standards of beauty. Add some piercings, crazy hair or some shiny clothes and bam.

If I knew more about photography I would probably do some things to rectify the situation at least to make myself happy. Truth be told I think that if you want to see something make it, or play a part in making it. However it's difficult when you lack the actual talent to produce what you want to see.

My current problem is that I have shitloads of ideas but not quite the know how to execute them. Which is frustrating.

I still would love to make a little boot/big thigh fetish website. Why? Clearly because I have a boot fetish.

Also I like dressing up.

And did I mention how much I love boots?

And having boots as a possible business expense would probably make my decade.

I am still working on several things.

However the poetry book has been crossed off of the list of hustles because I"m going to offer the fucker for free.

And that's all for right now.

That fat news thing I'll talk about tomorrow after I go home tonight and read the Enquirer all about the "worse celebrity diets". I'm sure the prose will be riveting.

Homo Out.

And it might be fun.

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