Sunday, April 20, 2008


If you don't know me well let me tell you a secret. I am a cosmetics freak.


I love make up so much that most likely if I'd been born with a penis I'd either be the hottest boy in eyeliner walking or the most fabulous drag queen EVAR.

And I'm really excited because I picked myself up some HOT samples from AromaLeigh Cosmetics and I cannot wait to try them. I've been reading the owner Miss K's blog for quite awhile now and I like her a lot. I ordered some fantastic super bright colors and I am stoked. Be certain there will be pics and full reviews.

I love color. I love color a lot.

I wear some insanely bright eyeshadows and goddamn it I love it.

My current vitamin/hydration/facial care routine has been doing wonders for my skin so I think once the weather warms up I might start going sans actual foundation and get into some tinted moisturizer. That will be exciting.

This might be surprising but I do almost all my make up shopping online these days. Mainly because after loving make up for more than 20 years now (no seriously I was getting into make up when I was like 6) I know what I like, I know what colors work for me and I know what I want.

These days I'm looking to expand my color choices and get myself more brushes. A serious money saving tip, I buy sample sized things. Being that the days I wear make up I rarely wear the same colors (aside from eyeliner etc, more on that later) twice in a row they last me ages.

Also really more money doesn't always equal a better product for you especially if you're still experimenting.

What do you spend the good bucks on?

Foundation. Getting a foundation that your skin likes, looks good and is easy for you to apply is worth it if you have to go with a high end product. That's not to say once you found your holy grail of foundations you can't ebay your booty off to find it. How? The best thing to do is head to your local Sephora store or other big box retail type store and ask the sales associates. Get a sample, note your color and get to searching.

Is it cheap? Yes. But you know what? Too bad it's a shitty economy.

I was just telling Uniballer that the next big think I want to try is EyeKandy glitters. I will admit it, I never grew out of my glitter phase. I love glitter.

I love a solid black based glittery eye, I love a more fairy-licious bright white glittery eye. I fucking love glitter.

I have passed my glitter in the face powder so sometimes if the sun is just right it looks like I had a fairy bukake fest on my face. I have (mostly) grown out of that. But I still love my glitters and those Eye Kandy glitters look fucking cool.

Eyesafe glitter at last.

I also will confess that I used stage quality glitter on my face and around my eyes for YEARS despite warnings not to do so.

I watch make up videos on youtube a lot. I cruise and sometimes participate in the make up communities on LJ. I. Love. It.

I think a big component of my love of cosmetics has to do with self love time. It's never been about the big political omg the MAN made me do it kind of thing. Not ever. For me it's all about enjoying myself, and making myself feel good. Mostly because frankly I don't give a good goddamn what anyone else might have to say about it.

That includes those years I went through my uber goth princess must wear four pounds of black on my face in varying ways, the shaved off eyebrows, the glitter, the mysteriously placed rhinestones, weird things drawn on my face, weird fuschia lipstick all of it. If you don't approve feel free not to look at or speak to me.

This attitude extends to pretty much all areas of my life.

Don't like my body?
Don't like my hair?
Don't like my music?
Don't like my books?
Don't like the way I speak?

Feel free to ignore me and fuck off.

No really fuck off.

Fuck off because I don't give a fuck.

My life and how I present myself to this weird world has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. Don't give me your disapproval because it's not my issue. It's yours.

On that note I am going to take my very delicious tea and go get in bed or something. I'm not sleeping clearly and I have shit to do today.

Did I post the close up of my rainbow eye make up?

Okay I don't think so. Please ignore the jacked up primer line I caught it after taking photos, fixed it but then had to leave for work.

That is mostly Mac except for the liner and mascara and primer. Fyrinnae primer, followed by Ben Nye yellow pressed powder shadow, acid orange Mac pigment, Fuschia Mac pigment, and a teeny tiny bit of Nyx yellow from the Serengeti trio. Black maybelline waterproof liner, Maybelline great lash in blackest black. What you can't see in that photo is the random black eye pencil on the waterline.

This is an all Mac neutral look. Copperclast pigment, a little Goldstroke and some Shimpagne mineralized skin finish that you can't really see in that shot for some reason. My usual liquid liner and mascara.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do some photo tutorials as my friend Miss Sessa suggested but, I'm still getting the hang of taking make up pictures.

Later today I am totally going to do this gold and hot pink or maybe teal look I saw on youtube.

If I do pictures.

Homo Out.

the t

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