Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Here I am trying to bookshop and as I'm perusing my subscribed blogs I find this tasty bit from Red. Now my girl area is tingly and I'm squirming. No that's not really safe for work if you work somewhere where, squirming due to crotch tingle is frowned upon.

I read that then sat here and had a little moment of mmm tasty.

Now I am totally distracted from what I was doing. I have a few dollars and want a new book.

I am also bemoaning the cost of my newly over the counter allergy medication of choice. Zyrtec. Perversely I am bemoaning the expiry of their patent because fucking hell I got it for a 5$ copay when it was still rx. I don't want to spend that much but I'm afraid I'll have to. Even with the regular cold snaps my allergies are going bitch nuts.

To distract myself from itching angry eyes let's talk more about words that make my crotch tingle. Yesterday in my LJ I waxed sentimental about a girl I slept with a lot when I was a wee youngster. That didn't really turn me on, the memories though seat squirming inducing they can be, are made of more sweetness and awww we were cute than anything else.

There is something really comforting and wonderful in knowing that a lot of my memories of my sexual development are indeed wrapped up in that kind of warm sweetness. I have had the idea that maybe I should write more of these memories and whatnot. I might. It's not exactly erotica but I do have some doozies.

OH in other news my Flickr LIVES. SHE LIVES. I kind of want to put the outfit post I put in my LJ up at Fatshionista but I'm not sure about that.


Go check me out.

Feel free to be my foto homie too.

Expect more random type photos as I learn to use my camera a little better.

Also my make up yesterday was the MOTHERFUCKING HOTNESS.

Rainbow eyes.

Okay I'm spent. My tummy really hurts and so does my head. This does not a happy beasty make.

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mnwhr said...

Memories of early encounters can be wonderful things, especially if they weren't to awkward, clumsy or embarrassing, although that might just have been me!

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