Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a little bit more.

Okay first of all last night I had the worst bus ride I've had in probably four years.

Someone took a dump in the back of the bus.

Also it's been kind of a day at work but it's better now.

I also scored a pair of very cute free ballet flats from someone who's the AWESOME and that totally makes up for the rest of my day/end of my night.

Moving on.

Yesterday I wrote a little about a post over at Racialicious about a photo at TMZ of Serena Williams. To find that bit um, scroll down. Okay with me?

I went on to talk about other things but I do want to comment here (so it can be seen since I don't know how to respond to individual comments) about something Latoya came to say.

(If you don't want to open the comments from yesterday here it is)

Latoya said:

I, Latoya, realize my comments were completely misinterpreted.

As a person with a body similar in shape to Serenas, they did pick a bad photo, intentionally so. That's why I linked to the other sets of pictures.

And two, those kinds of things happen naturally.

I did not recommend a sarong like "ew, cover up." It is literally the easiest thing for women with our kind of body shape. Boy shorts (which were recommended) often don't work too well with a large, high butt, and neither do boy shorts - they are cut differently.

And Serena's suit is a bit small, but that's because if she bought the next size up, it would be baggy in the front.

And quite frankly, I am a bit amazed that people are taking more offense to me speaking from my experience as a woman with a curvy shape than other comments comparing her to a monster

My first though was wondering if I totally misinterpreted which I very well may have. Then I thought "Oh I should've-" and stopped myself there. I didn't feel like addressing the racist bullshit I saw at TMZ. Then I decided no it wasn't really necessary.

Here is what I replied to her comment:


Bad photo or not it was my first impression of what you said when I read it. Whether that's what you intended or not I had no idea. I have no idea what your body may or may not look like.

For me it wasn't a matter of more or less offense as I said. I do think a person can be offended about things that are said on varying levels. This happened to be the one I felt like discussing today. I don't at all approve of what a lot of the TMZ commenter's had to say, I also don't like people telling other people what they should or shouldn't do with their bodies based on an "ew cover up" feeling which is what I got from what you said because, I've never seen you have no idea what kind of butt or swimsuit wearing experience you have.

This might not make a lot of sense I just woke up and have had no coffee and don't have my contacts on. Excuse typos or inanity.

Despite my earlier non-caffeinated status and lack of contact wearing earlier I think that does about cover it.

Now today I want to talk about my fat ass, some fashion and fluff because I've had a fucking day.

So because of a very similarly shaped lady over at Fatshionista I have decided to brave the bright colors and over perky staff and go into an Old Navy and try some jeans on my ham.

Also ok, so remember the coat I was twittering about? It is so beyond too big and I kind of think I am going to sell it before I get too attached. I will probably take pictures and measurements then post it here and maybe at Fatshionista. This coat is MOTHERFUCKING FABULOUS. And I really want someone who can fit it properly and rock it to wear it.

I also have a LIppy dress that I could wear but it would not rock so hard. Someone who can fill it out should have it. Still undecided about that too.

Also I still can't figure out how to participate in the Fatshionista flickr pool. WTF?

Anyway. What I forgot to do before was show my favorite cool but not freezing weather outfit.



SO. The outfit from the bottom up. The boots in the lower picture are my favorite boots that I have had forever. They are the original Nana Climber boots that I bought from Hot Topic probably 8-9 years ago now and they are still super cute.

What you can't see while I was standing are the awesome black tube socks that peeked over the boots and beneath the bottom of the capri pants. Black tube socks with dark red athletic stripes FTW.

And those are the short pants I bought at Fatshionista forever ago. They are from the Torrid in house label and I do like them very very much. The only thing I take issue with is how low rise they are. They are low enough that days I'm at all bloated they become very uncomfortable. Also if my bladder is full they sit right on it and make me pee more.

But I love how they look.

The sweater vest is from the depths of the super clearance rack at Target. It's part mohair I think and extremely soft. I have a feeling some other big titty having type hid it but sorry man. I got that cuteness for 4.99 I could not pass it up.

Under the sweatervest is a mens black aline tank. I wear the shit out of those.

Usually with that outfit I go Full Combat Mode Beasty and wear a black and red smokey eye and dark red matte lips.

However that day I was super inspired and did rainbow make up.

So there you have an example of mah supa style.

A little stompy, something cute and socks. I like knee socks.

Okay more later. Possibly more outfits in the near future although I've been all about jeans, docs and hoody this week because it's fucking cold all of a sudden.

And tomorrow barring fuckery or brain melting some words about fetish art.

Homo Out.

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