Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh noez the fatness.

Okay as promised today I am talking about fat and presentation in the media.

I want to start out with some tabloids and then move onto "legit" media.

Ready..break GO.

Now lots of tabloids are putting out their absurdly titled "DEADLY DIETS" etc type things and I had a good look at some of them. Lots of trends.

1.) Lots of photoshopping. Lots and lots of subtle changes to photos. Add a shadow here, a highlight there and you can make a normally thin woman look like she's about to drop dead. Alternately you can make someone with cellulite suddenly look like they've imported the surface of the moon onto their legs. Or for the trifecta onto their face.

2.) Not two "comparison" shots were at the same angle, in the same clothes or even taken in remotely similar situations. One of those deemed "scary skinny" the too skinny picture was taken with her in a bikini, clearly exhaling and stretching upwards. If you're a thin lady and you do that, chances are your ribs might show. Duh. Same to the "fat" pictures. Women had pictures of themselves at 25 compared to their picture at 60. Are you serious?

3.) One of my favorites, in every instance of yo-you dieting, weight gain or consistent fatness the "reasons" were all ever so cleverly worded and almost exactly the same person to person. All in the vein of, "too much fried food, indulging, oh noez she eated a doughnut" etc. There was nary a mention of possible health problems, aging, natural body weight, previous drug addicts, previous eating disorders. Just lots of "over indulgence." Also missing were the same kind of admonitions to the underweight. Organ damage, diseased, what have you. Also missing from the scary skinny blurbs were mention of the above, aging, health problems, drug problems, personal issues. All of those can adversely effect your body weight in one manifestation or another.

That was the tabloids.

Sadly "legit" news fares about the same. Sure if you go to CNN and click health then weight or obesity they use fancier words. They have good old Dr. Gupta telling you how fucked you are. However they are all working on the same base assumptions.

Fat=you are fucked and yer gonna die and possibly lose a foot to the diabetes.
Skinny= You are fabulous and yer gonna die and possibly lose a tit to cancer.

You see my point here.

Fact is regardless of your weight you could have some serious health problems. If you are a 105 pound person who eats nothing but Micky D's, beef jerky and Coke. Yeah your body might get pissed off. And don't tell me there aren't people like that. Bullshit I know them.

It's not a moral imperative to eat well and exercise and whatnot. If you don't want to don't.

Also if you're going to say that fatties eating in public should be shamed, or behave like they should be I suggest you irritate everyone sitting in Burger King because it's just as bad for the thin people as it is for the fat people.

I'd like to point out at this point that if you're human and residing on this planet you are pretty much fucked. You are going to die. No matter how many miles you run, how many times you don't eat that pie. No matter how many days you spend counting your calories. You and every other person on this planet is going to die someday.

And while I'm at it. I will bust some weight loss myths.

Astonishing amounts of weight loss will not make you less of a douchebag. If you were a fat asshole, chances are you'll be a skinny asshole. The reverse is also true. If you were a skinny asshole you will probably be a fat asshole if you get fat.

Another fun fact is that if you are trying to lose weight, and you go on an uber restrictive diet, you exercise until your balls are going to fall off. You could very well be doing yourself harm. Are you working your ass off literally and figuratively but you still don't feel good? You're run down maybe, maybe getting sick a lot. The big picture is telling you without scientific evidence that you are not doing yourself any good there.

If you seriously think weight is a stone cold pointer to how someone lives I suggest having a looksy at Kate Harding's BMI project. And for the love of fluffy bunnies everywhere use your brain.

Fat acceptance is not about how you may or may not want to live. Nor is it about forcing you to want to hump every fat person you see. It's about basic common decency. It's about everyone regardless of size being able to live their lives without being demonized.

Let me put it into another context.

Let's say that you are an acceptable size 8. But you have let's say some really big ole titties. I'm talking like a JJJ cup. And everytime you go to the doctor for say birth control or allergy medication all you hear about is how it's all because of the titties and you don't get decent care.

Would it be okay for you to just disappear into the woodwork and suffer because you are perfectly fine with your big ole titties and feel pretty good otherwise. What if something was really wrong? But it got to the point you were too angry or too afraid to go to the doctor? Let's say it's something terminal and by the time you get help it's too late.

Would it be okay then?

If you think that is a perfectly acceptable situation then move on. I have no use for you.

If thinking about it in those terms ridiculous as they might seem, makes you uncomfortable, angry or sad then let's talk.

My entire point here is that regardless of your weight we as human beings do not need to be menaced by media that sends mixed messages. We do not need to be demonized or scape goated. No one has a right or the privilege to decide what you do or don't do with your body.

Okay I'm done.

I have horrible horrible cramps and kind of want to jam a hand up in there and tear out my uterus.

Or maybe lay in a bed and jerk off for three days. It could go either way.

Homo Out.


DavitaCuttita said...

I think this post is perfect and deserves its own kinda "A Guide to Fat Acceptance for Idiots" badge.

Very well said, my Damie.

Hope your cramps go away soon and goodluck with your lady-boner conundrum! Oh lady-boners, what would we do without them?

mnwhr said...

Very well written and most definitely true. BTW I vote for jerking off 3 straight days, it'll be more fun.

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