Thursday, April 17, 2008

OW that hurt my brains.

I have a headfull of things I want to talk about however I do want to digest a bit before I do.

So in preparation go read some of what BFP has to say on the whole shebang that you can read about in my entry here. I have a truckload of thoughts about contemporary feminism, where I think I fit and how I feel about calling myself a feminist.

That later.

Also I have some template changes to make. I wanna link those Pregnant Drug Dealing Prostitutes I enjoy so much. Also Get SK's lovely banner for her new book placed. My blog roll up there needs some adjusting. Also, despite what she might say Davita is still Queen of Black people.

I also want to talk about some fat news and how I see it. Well not news as in NOW BREAKING NEWS but how I see weight issues presented.

And I hate to admit it because I fucking hate their coffee but Starbuck's Green Tea Latte is a more interesting drink than I'd thought. I'm sipping on one right now and it's tasty but kind of overwhelming.

And per usual Torrid is having a ginormous 50% off sale and none of what I actually really want is on sale or available in my size. Remember my darlings if you want to check inventory during one of their super sales enter "99" as your quantity number then hit add to basket. After that you should get a notification if there are fewer than that in stock.

For the love of everything cute and fluffy why is the vinyl bomber jacket I've been tingly in the girl bits about for months on sale for under 20$? I would rock the hell out of that.

There are also a couple of skirts I like but I'm 5'3" without much in the round booty area so their skirts are almost always too long and sometimes I can't be arsed to actually shorten them myself.

There is an excellent post over at Racialicious about identifying as white on the inside. I have actually read it twice.

I seriously cannot understand the idea that identifying as another race but "on the inside" is a serious thing that people actually mean. I also cannot take anyone who uses terms like, "oreo", "banana", etc seriously. Nor can I take anyone seriously who uses the term "Sellout" when it comes to race.

I just talked about this recently and I still my initial reaction is always, are you fucking serious? Frankly I'm not in the mood for that discussion today.

There is a post over at Fatshionista about Torrid's Cinco de Mayo line. The original poster takes an issue with it and I can see where she's going with that.

In the US Cinco De Mayo is generally known as the holiday you go out to your local Mexican restaurant, drink beer and eat. Sad but like St. Patrick's Day and loads of other holidays it's been Hallmark'd into absurdity.

Growing up I had these neighbors from Mexico and I adored that family. I spent hours and hours in their apartment eating, learning pigin Spanish, playing dress up, playing (we had no name for this dramady) this game where we'd make ourself a little forresty looking fort out back and pretend to be the indigenous peoples of some made up place, we pounded leaves with rocks and called them food or poultices, we made clothes out of leaves and paper we had a good damn time.

That family was actually from the Puebla area (I wish I could remember where exactly) and Cinco De Mayo was a big day in that house. Being so young at the time most of my enjoyment was YEAH MEXICO! YEAH FOOD! YEAH MAMA HAS ON HER PRETTY OUTFIT AND IS DANCING!

I remember reading more about it later on and never understood the commercialization of the holiday and the widespread mistake of it being a independence day. At some point I really wish people would stop buying stupid hats, cards etc and take a moment to ask a very simple question. "What the HELL is going on here?"

Truthfully I believe if more people took that moment, regardless of the issue and very seriously said, "What the HELL MAN?"

Okay I think I've had enough folks. My brain is moving at brain speed and I have research to do about wholesalers.

Homo Out.

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DavitaCuttita said...

Damn! I've never had real Mexican food in my entire life. No fairs. Even though you're SO adamant I'm afraid I must continue to decline accepting a place as the Queen of Black People. Too much drama, Mama.

Thanks for the linkage.
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