Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tasty foods.

I've tried some new foods recently and I wanna share.

First one that I will admit was a total surprise (I was super skeptical about it) are the Chips from Corazonas Heart-Healthy Snacks. I got a two bag (pretty good size) sample of their tortilla chips and OMG.

The Margarita Lime chips are so freaking tasty.

No seriously they are. Awhile back I tried a similar product and they tastes awful. Too dry and way too grody. The Corazonas however have the perfect amount of lime flavor and the crunch is lovely. I want to sit with those and drink a very tasty beer.

I even wrote then to tell them I'd be talking about their tasty foods and that I dig their tasty goods.

Next up.

Last weekend Uniballer and I went out for lunch on Saturday and had some UBER tasty Australian Meat pies . Now if you are a wandering Aussie, or an American who just likes the idea of meat inside a pie with gravy in it go get you some of that.

My favorite is the beef with cheese and bacon. Um yeah hot meaty and delicious. Perfect size for those of us with wee hands, also it comes in a little paper envelope thing so less mess. Very good to grab and go across the street to sit on a bench and OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

They also have a bit of an assortment of tasty Aussie snacks including Tim Tams, Weetbix and even Cadbury chocolate.

And I say again.


So yeah delicious.

We have been eating really fabulously this week. Grocery Outlet had these bags of breaded frozen tasty wild caught Alaskan Pollak fish and zomfg. So tasty. So we ate fish three days in a row and it was fantastic.

I believe this weekend I am going to make Uniballer go with me to get a red velvet cupcake from Cupcake Royale. Really tasty red velvet cake is difficult to find outside of the South and I am TEH EXCITED YO.

I am also currently working on a business plan.

Holy shit dude I can't believe I said that.

Anyway. I want to open an estore. I also am going to work on my spreadshirt store and try to get some of my nerdy pervo designs going.

That's all for today.

I am really tired. And my head hurts like hell.


Homo Out.



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