Friday, April 25, 2008

Today I turn in my rusty badge.

I know I made mention of speaking on feminism earlier this week and I think today is it.

If feminism was a badge mine would be old, rusty, dented and probably chipped and I'm turning it in.

I don't want to rehash the whole Seal Press thing but are you fucking serious with this? Let me state the following then move on.

Also it doesn't matter if you think something is gross then show support for it. That kind of fucks up what you're saying. This is better.

And white feminists, listen to your homies. If you won't listen to the people you're pissing off listen to your friends. Seriously.

Karnythia actually speaks about this far better than I can or care to.

Now onto my own feminist thing.

My first serious introduction to feminism was not good at all. I was introduced to feminism via some (now I can see) very mixed up and angry women. They had bastardized a bunch of Andrea Dworkin-esque philosophies into what came off as just plain fucking crazy.

Because I was young and eager to be schooled by people I thought had knowlege to impart to me in some fantastic sisterhood of coming of age whatnot, I didn't think to question a lot of the things they said to me. Matter of fact what they did was make me feel like shit, they were abusive and just plain mean. It was fucked up and turned me off to anything even feminist scented for quite a long time.

Then I discovered sex positive feminists who I loved.

I found women who resonated with me and I started reading.

By then I was probably 20 or so. In the intervening years my feminism badge has seen some shit. And for quite a long time I put it down.

This recent race and feminism train wreck was not the first time I've experienced this sort of thing. More personally and it was devastating to me. So I didn't quite lose interest but I decided that I had no use for those people.

Now at 31 years old I have figured out what I want.

I have no interest in infighting, back biting, whining, "safe spaces", etc. I am not interested in hearing why how I present myself to the world, how I speak, what I think is funny, what I think is fucking offensive etc is wrong or whatever.

In short, fuck you. No really fuck you. If you have a moment of thought where you think it's perfectly okay to push your agenda into my head fuck off.

I have no further use for my feminism badge and I'm putting it away. I'm not throwing it away, but I don't want to look at it or hear about it.

In other news yesterday on getting home from work I found not only my lovely perfume sample from Magickal Realism over at Etsy. The owner Diane Rajchel makes some motherfucking awesome smell goods. Full review tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

I also got my AromaLeigh samples and OH EM EFF MOTHERFUCKING GEE I am already ass over tea kettle in LOVE with a couple of the shades and I haven't even worn them yet. Expect a full review Monday probably.

Um yeah.

I'm spent. I am super tired and wanna go home and drink beer.

Homo Out.


Nancy Lebovitz said...

I've wondered why I never identified as a feminist when I agree with a lot of feminist ideas, but I choked on the idea of joining any movement which included Mary Daly. Maybe my instincts were good.

mnwhr said...

Thanks for the links, which allowed me to gain a lot more knowledge on the debate going on within the feminist community

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