Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Well sorta but no dice.

If you've been reading me for awhile you'll know that I have a love/hate relationship with the clothing label Lip Service.

The love is that a lot of their styles of clothing for years now are things that I have loved and worn. However, in the last few years my ability to wear their clothing has come and gone, entirely dependent on just how much something will stretch. They used to have a plus size line in I think it was 2003 but, from what I remember it was all that sort of ubiquitous goth long dress with a usually faux brocade front bit, some ribbon lacing or a tie around the back.

In otherwords, long and square.

For awhile Torrid had a very hot line of Lip Service exclusive clothing that was actually better made than what Lip Service had done for Hot Topic for a long time. I also heard tale told that their Gangsta Pranksta line was available in plus sizes for awhile and I'm really bummed about having missed that because that was one of my favorite lines.

So the other day when I saw a note (by a lady who's not plus size which I thought was cool) in the Lippy Addicts Community on Lj. I actually ceased getting ready for work and got to clicking.

Have a look at the plus size line here. Um. Yeah. What wait really? You're serious?

Okay granted it's a start but, it's disappointing.

I personally don't think a merchant needs a whole other plus size line of clothing. It's like I explained to a thin coworker.

Let's say you are fabulous and you wear a size 0. You love oh let's say Levi's and wore them for a long time then all of a sudden they stopped making your size. You yearn for Levi's, you scour Ebay for anything in your size. Then one day you start hearing that they are going to get your size going again and you are like YES.


You have your credit card at the ready, you check the website constantly and finally you see the link and YES YES YES.

Then they offer stretch pants.

The company famous for their jeans is offering you fucking stretch pants.

You're pissed right? What the fuck?

Okay now that's how I'm feeling right now.

Why make a whole new line? Most people who shop Lip Service that I know go to Lippy for their fabulous style. I would think it'd be far more profitable to add extended sizes to existing lines. Am I wrong here?

I r not pleased.

And I bet you those won't sell well and then dundun, they'll discontinue plus sizes because they "don't sell". Well I would assume if those don't sell it's not because there aren't plus size shoppers but, because what they are offering isn't what plus size shoppers want.

I could wank about this forever.

In other big booty clothing news I have started to learn to relove Tripp NYC clothing. Torrid carries a good amount of Tripp and the Tripp items I've purchased in the last year or so are all very nice. And if measurements are good enough I think I might be able to squeeze some ham into the Tripp stuff for Hot Topic as well and there's a ton of it on Ebay.

In other news I bid on a fabulous Torrid coat on ebay that I'm not linking because if I get outbid I will seriously cry. However there are a few back up things I have on my watch list that might make me feel better. Including an adorable pair of black with white stars T.U.K cowboy boots.

Okay and here's the link to my Torrid wishlist in case anybody wants to buy me ass covers. Or you want to compare mine with yours and we'll talk about it.

Also note to self order more fucking o rings before you lose a talon mmkay?

Homo Out.

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Karen said...

I recently fell in love with the nice, stretchy, roomy Steady Clothing line. Look up the Rock Steady dresses. Some are more Rockabilly, if you like that style, some more goth.

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