Sunday, April 06, 2008

What she said.

Oh my people, I have already had kind of a day so far. A few amusing bits, a few WTF moments and glee. Yes lots of glee.

First the WTF moment.

So picture this, your very own hostess. Sporting goth casual today, black slacks, black sweater, burgundy docs (that I took some kickass picturs of how they are aging, will post those to flickr over the weekend), labret, giant headphones and book in hand. So this girl, (just in case you forget what I look like here I am at the company Xmas party, drunk and yes my boobs are still real) is sitting reading, head bobbing to VERY LOUD MUSICS. However my headphones are really good and noise doesn't leak out.

A few young black men get on the bus, this girl pays them little mind except to be annoyed that when one of them sits behind her, he rocks her seat. That's rude.

After a few minutes one of the boys taps me (this third person shit is tiring) on the shoulder and says, "excuse me can I talk to you for a minute" I am irritated but figure ok. I put my music on pause, put my book in my lap. He looks at the book, looks confused asks if I'm reading for school. I say no I just like to read.

He just kind of blinks at me.

Then he asks what I'm listening to. I was listening to Otep. My favorite fronted female fronted art/hardcore band. And reading a Hubert Selby Jr book. Neither of which he'd heard of and apparently the way I speak offended him and he seriously said:

Boy: What are you some kind of oreo?
Me: *blink, loud laugh*Are you serious? *giggle, giggle, giggle* You just hit me with oreo? *Snicker, head shake, blink, snicker.*

I haven't been called that in years. And to be called it by a kid probably young enough to be my son was hilarious. I really sat there laughing and everytime he happened into my sight line laughed more. Then his friends laughed at him because he was getting laughed at.

Generally if it's an adult who says anything like that to me they get my lecture about their own narrow views of blackness, I will do as above and straight up laugh in their faces. Etc.

Seriously? Are you serious? You still believe that ignorant shit?

When I was younger that sort of thing was one of those things that could send me home in tears. Broken hearted. Anymore whatever.

So that was kind of amusing in a way.

Also amusing is the fact that (here I am screwing my goth cred again) there's a 113 BPM remix of that Britney song Gimme More playing in my mix list and it's making my bottom area shake.

There is an awesome fetish event going on for Ms Tonya Winters 10th anniversary but I'm not sure if Hempknight and I can go. There's the issue of no wardrobe to consider and I don't know if we have time or money for quick fast fabulous shiny shopping.

It's a pity.

I started this Friday.

In other news I'm having total buyers remorse about buying the fucking coat. I won the auction but had my usual OMFG MONEY OMFG IT IS EXPENSIVE reaction. It's been long enough that I don't buy things without a shitload of forethought and planning that my impulse (yet yes I DO really need a new coat) wacked my shit right out.

I hate that I do that. I hate that I spent enough time being so fucking poor that I instantly go into scarcity mode when it's not absolutely necessary.

I still really would like some sort of side hustle to fund my rampant desire to revamp and reload my wardrobe with things I really love rather than shit I got because I could afford it. I've been working on it but honestly it's time consuming and frustrating to try and auction/thrift fucking everything.

In essence I'm tired of being poor really. Granted I make ok money, with the rising cost of living here ok is not entirely good enough. It's frustrating.

Ugh. I'm going to go pretreat my hair and lay down. Watch a movie.

I am such a party girl.

Homo Out.


mnwhr said...

Great response to the young knucklehead, although he probably needed the lecture also. Hopefully he'll learn.

Jessica said...

My favorite "oreo"/"not black enough" comment happened at a Curves one summer. The woman working the counter that day looks at me and says: "Jessica, that's a white people name!"

I was left speechless at the absurdity of such a statement.

It's really sad how so many people believe that not participating in popular "black culture" means you are selling out/acting white... how one acts a color, I have no clue.

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